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Findy: A Detailed Guide to the Chrome Extension by
Findy: A Detailed Guide to the Chrome Extension by

Explore Findy, Reply's Chrome Extension for email finding and outreach, and learn how it simplifies contact discovery and networking

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Findy: Email Search and Outreach is a Chrome extension designed to enhance the efficiency of networking and outreach on LinkedIn and other professional platforms. It serves as a comprehensive tool for finding, managing, and engaging with contacts.

Key features of Findy include:

  • Efficient Contact Search: Easily find and manage contacts from LinkedIn, streamlining your networking process.

  • Reply Integration: Seamlessly connect Findy with the native Reply platform for enhanced data management. You can not only save the contacts but move them to lists and sequences in Reply.

  • Task Management: Create and manage tasks directly within Findy, including LinkedIn tasks, calls, emails, SMS, WhatsApp messages, meetings, and other outreach activities.

  • Sync of Contacts from CRM to Findy: Effortlessly sync data of your contacts from CRM systems such as Salesforce and HubSpot to Findy for seamless integration and workflow management.

  • Improved Outreach: Utilize real-time data to enhance email deliverability and open rates, improving the effectiveness of your outreach efforts.

This tool is particularly useful for individuals in sales, marketing, recruitment, or anyone looking to enhance their professional networking efficiency. By integrating multiple functionalities into a single extension, Findy simplifies the process of managing professional relationships and outreach activities.

How to Install Findy

  1. Open the Chrome Web Store and search for the Findy extension.

  2. Click on Add to Chrome to install the extension.

  3. Review the permissions required by the extension and click Add extension if you agree.

For a detailed guide on the installation process, refer to this article.

How to Search Contacts with Findy

Findy makes finding LinkedIn contacts easy and quick, streamlining the prospect selection process. Once you've found the contacts, you can seamlessly transfer them to your Reply account and integrate them into sequences for immediate action.

Here's how it works:

  1. Access LinkedIn via Chrome and Activate Findy:

    • Open your Chrome browser and log in to your LinkedIn account.

    • Activate Findy by clicking on the Findy extension icon in your Chrome toolbar.

    • Log into your Reply account using your credentials or by entering your API key.

  2. Set Your Search Criteria:

    • Navigate to your LinkedIn feed and enter specific search parameters, such as job titles or industries, in the search bar.

    • Select the "People" category to filter your search to individual profiles.

  3. Automated Contact Processing with Findy:

    • As you scroll through the generated list of potential contacts on LinkedIn, Findy instantly displays relevant contact details for each profile.

    • Use the “Reveal details” option in Findy to access complete information for a contact.

  4. Transfer Contacts to Reply:

    • For an individual contact, click “Move to” and choose the desired list or sequence in your Reply account.

    • To transfer multiple contacts simultaneously, select the contacts that meet your criteria and use the “Reveal details” → “Move to” buttons below.

    • You can also select ALL contacts on the page.

Findy's Single Search Feature

You can also use the single search feature for effective contact discovery in Findy. This feature allows you to gather detailed information about specific contacts, which is particularly useful for targeted outreach and personalized communication strategies.

  1. Select a Contact on LinkedIn:

    • Browse your LinkedIn contacts or search results.

    • Click on the name or profile of the contact you are interested in within the LinkedIn interface.

  2. Automatic Data Retrieval by Findy: Findy automatically gathers and displays the contact's information.

  3. View and Manage Contact Details: Use Findy's “Reveal details” → “Move to” options to manage the contact in your Reply account.

Note: If Accounts are enabled in Reply, Findy also saves the contact’s company information.

People tab in Findy

When you open the People tab in the extension, you'll find a list of all contacts from your Reply account. To access detailed information about a specific contact, simply click on their profile. You can then use the icons at the top to perform various actions:

  • Move to: Assign the contact to specific Lists or Sequences.

  • Send Email: Initiate email communication.

  • Send WhatsApp Message: Available if a phone number is provided.

  • Change Status: Adjust the contact's status (here are detailed explanations on contact statuses available).

  • Blacklist/Unblacklist: Manage the contact's blacklist status.

How to Use Tasks in Findy

Tasks in Findy are events scheduled or planned for specific contacts, covering various activities like LinkedIn tasks, phone calls, manual emails, SMS, WhatsApp messages, meetings, and other outreach efforts. These tasks can be set for future dates or marked as completed, allowing you to easily track your progress and records.

To manage Tasks in Findy:

  • Click on the 'Tasks' tab located at the bottom of the extension's pop-up window.

  • This action will list a comprehensive list of all tasks within your Reply account, including those outside of sequences and within sequence tasks.

The quick actions feature at the top allows you to:

  • Use Filters: Filter tasks by date, task type, sequences, and contact time zone. Select your preferred filters, click 'Apply filters,' and tasks matching your criteria will be displayed.

  • Launch All Tasks: Initiate execution of all listed tasks.

  • Create a New Task: Select the type of task, complete the necessary steps, and click 'Create task.'

When opening a task, you can:

  • Access detailed information about the task and associated contact.

  • Use the quick actions at the top to:

    • Snooze the task (it will be snoozed for 24 hours).

    • Clone the task (create a duplicate of this task).

    • Edit the task.

    • Delete the task.

To edit or delete an individual task:

  • Click on the three vertical dots next to the task.

  • Choose 'Edit' or 'Delete' as needed.

Bulk Task Deletion:

  • Delete multiple tasks by selecting them individually or by using the 'All tasks' checkbox at the top.

Make Calls in Findy

With Findy, you can seamlessly place calls to your contacts using the Reply Cloud Calls functionality. This feature not only facilitates call initiation but also offers options to record conversations, log call information, assign call resolutions, complete call-related tasks, and more.

📌 Getting Started with Cloud Calls:

Before making calls through Findy, ensure that you have enabled the Cloud Calls feature within the native Reply web application. Learn more about Cloud Call prices in Reply.

To make calls in Findy, follow these steps:

  1. Accessing Tasks: Navigate to the Tasks tab located at the bottom of the interface. Here, you'll find a list of existing tasks and the option to create new ones.

  2. Initiating the Call: Open the needed task and click "Call" to initiate a call.

    Quick Tip: You can also use the local dial feature to rent multiple phone numbers, helping Reply choose the right one for your contact's area, and improving response rates. Learn more about renting and managing multiple numbers in Reply for better local presence.

  3. Selecting Call Resolutions:

    After the call is completed, you'll be prompted to select a call resolution. Choose from a list of default resolutions or create custom call resolutions tailored to your specific needs.

  4. Adding Text Notes: If necessary, you can supplement the call task with text notes to capture important details or follow-up actions.

  5. Completing Call Tasks: Upon concluding the call, you'll have several options to proceed with the task:

    • Complete: Mark the task as completed.

    • Log the Call: Record the call details without marking the task as complete.

    • Log & Follow-up: Log the call and create a follow-up task for future action.

    • Log, Complete & Follow-up: Record the call, mark the task as complete, and create a follow-up task. This option is applicable when the call task is part of a sequence. By choosing "Complete," you finish the task and enable the contact with whom the call task was initiated to progress to the next step in the sequence.

In addition to initiating calls from the Tasks tab, you can also directly place calls from the Dialer and Contact profile tab within Findy. Please ensure that the feature is enabled in the Reply web application and verify that your contacts have valid phone numbers. If you need any more help, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Syncing Contacts from CRMs to Findy

Findy seamlessly integrates with CRM platforms, enabling effortless syncing of contacts, leads, and lists to enhance productivity and streamline your workflow.

Syncing Contacts:

To sync contacts, open Findy and your CRM (Salesforce, or HubSpot). Findy automatically syncs contacts when you open a contact page or list. You can also run synchronization manually by clicking the Find emails button in the extension.

Syncing Contacts and Lists from Salesforce:

Syncing Contacts and Lists from HubSpot:

Managing Synced Contacts:

After contacts are synced and displayed in Findy, click 'Save' to store them in your Reply account. Next, use the 'Move to' option to select an existing sequence or list, or create a new one, to transfer contacts. You can also choose 'ALL' in the upper left corner to select all contacts on the page and perform actions in bulk.

Important Notes:

  • Findy supports syncing all basic and custom contact fields from both Salesforce and HubSpot to Reply. Check out our articles on syncing with Salesforce and HubSpot for more information.

  • If a contact is new to your Reply account, Findy will automatically create and save it. For existing contacts, Findy enriches their profiles with fresh data from the respective platform.

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