When you call from Reply Chrome Extension, you can not only log the call but also create a follow-up task. This way, you can schedule the next activity right after your call has ended so that you don't waste time on looking for this contact afterwards.

To create a follow-up task from the call log:

  1. Open Reply Chrome Extension, initiate and finish a call.

  2. In the Log a call window, set a call resolution and add call notes, if needed.

  3. Click the Log the call button to display the Log the call & follow up option, then select it.

  4. Click the Log the call & follow up button that appears.

  5. In the New Task window that appears once the call is logged successfully, select the Task Type (Call, To do, LinkedIn, Meeting), Start date, and Due date.

  6. Click the Create task button.

You are all set! The follow-up task has been successfully created.

Note: You can do the same for call tasks generated by a sequence.

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