Chrome Extension lets you sync individual contacts and contact lists from Salesforce to Reply. 

Syncing individual contacts

Chrome Extension supports all basic and custom contact fields. However, they should be correctly mapped and have the same field type.

  • Chrome Extension DOES NOT sync the City field in Salesforce.

  • Chrome Extension syncs the Mailing Address field in Salesforce into the Country and State fields in Reply (if applicable). 

  • If the Mailing Address field in Salesforce is blank, Chrome Extension uses the Other Address field in Salesforce.

  • If a contact was not synced yet, Chrome Extension offers to create and save them to Reply.

  • If a contact was already saved to Reply, Chrome Extension opens the contact profile and enriches it with available data from Salesforce.

Syncing contact lists

Chrome Extension supports all fields except custom fields.  
Chrome Extension can sync contact lists manually and automatically. This option can be changed in Chrome Extension settings. If you choose manual sync, you must click the CRM Sync button to sync the contact list to Reply. 

Note: Chrome Extension DOES NOT sync the Recently Viewed Contacts (Leads) list. 

Upon syncing a contact list to Reply, you can perform the following actions in any combination:

  1. Save to Reply.

  2. Move to a sequence. 

  3. Move to a list(s) (create a new list or move to an existing list(s).

How to quickly set up Salesforce contact fields to sync with Reply

In Salesforce, you must manually select contact fields that will be displayed in the contact profile. The easiest way is to select these fields using the Salesforce Lightning interface. 

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