From now on, Reply allows users to add a manual email step to sequences to achieve an even greater level of outreach personalization. Unlike automatic emails (which Reply sends automatically according to predefined triggers), you can edit and send your email later as part of the task generated in the Reply Chrome Extension. First, you need to add a manual email step to your sequence in the main Reply application.

You can also create Manual email tasks directly in Chrome Extension.

To complete the manual email task in the Reply Chrome Extension:

  1. Open the Reply Chrome Extension by clicking on the extension's icon in the top-right corner of your browser.

  2. Once the extension is open, navigate to its Tasks page -> Manual email tab. You can also click the Launch all tasks button, and the extension starts opening tasks one by one.

  3. Select the task to edit the email template that you created earlier in the sequence step:

In the email editor, you can add CC and BCC recipients as well as change the subject line. You can also insert templates, links, pictures, and emoticons into the text.

4. Click the Send and Complete button to finish the task. Please note that you can also use other available options in the dropdown, such as Complete, Snooze, and Delete:

After you send the email, you will see a banner that the email was successfully sent to your contact and the next task from the task flow opens.

Important: To prevent our users from accidentally reaching the wrong people, Reply does not allow sending manual emails to blacklisted or opted-out contacts.

  • If you see an error message because one of the contacts associated with your task is blacklisted, you can unblacklist the contact and send the manual email again.

  • The system does not generate manual email tasks for opted-out contacts. You can remove the Opted Out and Finished statuses so that the task is visible and can be completed in the Chrome extension.

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