Important: For users who enabled Team Edition in public mode, contact status can only be changed by the sequence owner. Other team members cannot update the status of the contacts that do not belong to them. The Opted Out status can be assigned to a contact by any team member.

The statuses apply only to contacts that are currently in sequences. Not all statuses are compatible with each other, and there are some restrictions on their assignment to contacts. Below we provide a detailed description of each status.

To change the contact's status manually, please select the contact in People > '+' or '-' status > Set Status:


Contact status in an active sequence - it can be manually changed to Paused, Finished, Out Of Office, Opted Out. You can manually change this status to Bounced or Replied only if this contact has received at least one email in the current sequence. Contacts with active status can receive their emails, and they can be tracked for replies if they received at least one email in the sequence.


Contact status in an active sequence that was manually paused. This means that the contact does not receive emails from the sequence. Replies are not tracked for Paused contacts. However, you can manually change this status to Active.

Missing data

The system sets the Missing data status if your contact's profile does not have a variable that you have added to the email template. You can either update the contact's profile with a variable from the template or remove the variable in the template to make your prospect Active. The missing variable will be indicated as {VariableName} in Sequence > Preview. This status can be removed only manually. Emails are not sent to contacts with the Missing data status. You can learn more about this status here.


The system assigns this status when an email that was sent to a prospect was bounced due to an invalid email address or some other reason. You can change the email address for this prospect to the valid one in their profile, uncheck Bounced + change the status to Active, and resend the email within the same sequence.

The Bounced status can be assigned manually if at least one email was sent to that contact. The bounce detection procedure is the same as for replies.

Please note: sometimes contacts with Bounced status may also have Opened status. It can be a view of the email checker that was checking your email on the recipient's provider side (email address might not be valid, but domain exists), or it could be your own view of the bounce-back message that included the details of your original message.

Out of office

The system assigns this status when it detects an auto-reply with the out of office key words. This status stops sending further steps to the prospect until you manually delete it. Also, you can manually change this status to Active or configure the automatic processing of out-of-office replies.

Please note that as soon as an Out of office contact responds to your email, Reply detects such responses and changes the contact's status based on your sequence settings for handling replies - Mark person as finished or Continue sending emails.


The system assigns the Finished status when the prospect replies to your email sent within the sequence or when all steps have been sent. You can manually change this status to Active and continue sending emails to them only if the prospect did not complete all steps of the sequence or when you added extra steps to the already finished sequence. Replies detection is not performed for the contacts that have Finished status. Emails are not sent to contacts with this status as well.


The Contacted status means that a contact received at least one email sent from the current Reply sequence. You cannot change this status manually. 

Opted Out

The system assigns the Opted Out status after a prospect clicks on your opt-out link to unsubscribe from further emails. It's also assigned automatically if you have a text Opt-Out functionality when the prospect responds with the 'unsubscribe' request and sorted into the Do Not Contact Inbox category by our AI. Sometimes you may need to change the inbox category for your emails manually as AI might be not 100% accurate.

Our AI can understand the English language only. So if the reply from the contact is in a different language - you will have to set the Inbox category on your own. The Opted Out status can be set and removed manually as well. Opted-out status is the only status that is retained for a contact, even if the contact is not in the sequence. A contact with this status also cannot be moved to a different sequence.


The system assigns the Replied status in the following cases:

  • after a prospect responds to your email from the same email address you have sent them the email + forwarded from a thread

  • after a prospect responds by SMS to a manually or automatically sent SMS related to a Reply sequence

You can find out whether the prospect replied by email or by sms in the Activity log. You can filter prospects by the Replied (email or sms), Replied by sms, and Replied by email statuses in a sequence.

Once the contact received the Replied status, the sequence stops for them by default unless you've selected Continue processing steps in Sequence > Settings > Replies handling.

The Replied status usually comes together with the Finished status. The system stops replies tracking for the contacts that have the Replied status in Reply independent of whether it was set automatically or manually. To make sure all your replies are detected please check this article.


The system assigns the Opened status to the prospect when they open your email. You can not change this status manually. Opens tracking can be disabled on Sequence level in Sequence > Settings > General Settings:


The system assigns the Clicked status to the contact when links tracking is enabled in Sequence > Settings > General Settings and a contact clicks on a link in your email. You cannot change this status manually. 


The system assigns the Auto-replied status to the contact when it detects an automatic reply. It comes along with the Finished status, which stops sending out further steps to a prospect until you manually change the Finished status to Active.

You cannot assign the Auto-Replied status manually. You cannot remove the Auto-Replied status.

To call

The system assigns the To call status to a contact when they are moved to the Call step in a sequence. You can set this status manually as well from the Contact sidebar. 


The system assigns the Called status to a contact when you perform any action related to calls:

- Complete a task with the Call type.
- Make a call using the Cloud Calls feature.
- Log a call via the Contact sidebar.

The Called status is permanent and can only be removed manually via the Contact sidebar.

Status transitions

  • If no combination in table = failed (failed means no resulting transition occur)

  • If TE enabled and sequence does not belong to the user that is changing the status > failed

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