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Learn how to send short messages to your prospects using Reply Chrome Extension

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SMS is an important communication channel for reaching audiences and sending bulk messages. You can use this method to follow up after calls, send personalized messages, or notify your customers about upcoming events.

Reply supports both automatic and manual SMS:

  • Automatic short messages work in a similar way to automatic emails, with SMS being sent automatically based on a template of the SMS sequence step

  • In the case of Manual short messages, Reply generates a task that you can execute in the extension.

You can also create SMS tasks directly in Chrome Extension.

To complete the SMS task in Reply Chrome Extension:

  1. Open Reply Chrome Extension by clicking on the extension's icon in the top-right corner of your browser.

  2. Once the extension is open, go to its Tasks page and set the SMS filter or click the Launch all tasks button, and Chrome Extension will start opening tasks one by one.

  3. Select the pending task that you created earlier in the sequence step. In the message editor, you can view, edit, and add links to the previously generated text:

4. Once you finish editing your SMS, click on Send and Complete (or other available options in the dropdown - Complete, Snooze, and Delete). You will see a green banner informing you that the SMS was sent successfully and the next task will open for execution.

Please note: If a contact opted out or his/her phone number is invalid, you will see a red banner with information that the SMS cannot be sent. If so, resolve the issue so that you can complete the task.

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