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Pricing for Cloud Calls & SMS
Pricing for Cloud Calls & SMS
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In Reply, we provide direct pricing for calls and SMS without extra charges based on Twilio prices.

Pricing for Cloud Calls

Pricing for Cloud Calls consists of three parts, billed separately:

  1. Cloud Calls Feature Access: Priced at $29 per user. The fee can be billed monthly or annually, aligning with your chosen Reply subscription plan.

  2. Number Rental: This cost fluctuates depending on the country. For numbers in the US and Canada, it's set at $1 per month. The charges are directly withdrawn from your Reply wallet.

  3. Call Charges: Costs vary depending on the country associated with the rented phone number. For the US and Canada, the rate for making calls is $0.0165 per minute (excluding call recording). This fee splits into $0.0140 for the voice per minute and a $0.0025 connection charge. In the Calls History under the Plans & Billing tab, this will reflect as $0.0165 per minute. Even if your contact doesn't answer the call, the $0.0025 connection fee still applies. All expenses are taken directly from your Reply wallet.

Pricing for Call Recording

The cost associated with call recording is twofold:

  • Recording: For the US and Canada, the rate is $0.0025 per minute.

  • Storage: A minimal charge of $0.00050 per minute is applied for storing recordings.

If you require a detailed pricing breakdown for a specific country or need assistance with managing your stored call recordings, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team.

Pricing for SMS

Reply uses a standard rate of $0.0079 per SMS (based on average US carrier rates for A2P messaging) and an average SMS length of 160 characters.

Sending SMS incurs a $10 monthly charge with an additional one-time fee of $20 from your Reply wallet.


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