Reply Chrome Extension lets users create and edit tasks manually and work with tasks created by sequences. 

To create a task:

  1. To create a new task, click the Create button in the top-right corner of Chrome Extension and select New Task.

  2.  On the New Task screen:

  • Select task type. It can be To Do, Email, Call, LinkedIn, Meeting, Message, WhatsApp, Manual Email, SMS

  • Select Start date and Due date (optional). By default, the system sets the due date within 30 minutes from the task creation time.

  • Click Add contact to add a person from your contacts (optional). This option is useful when you create a task of Call, Email, WhatsApp, SMS, and Manual Email type. Adding a contact to the task lets you call or email them directly from the task. 

  • For emails, choose the email address to send from.

  • Fill in the Description or Message field. You can use a template (optional).

  • Click Create task

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