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How to enable Accounts
How to enable Accounts

Learn how to enable Accounts to start arranging and processing companies of your contacts they work for

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By default, Account is one of the fields in the contact's profile that indicates a company, organization, or entity to which the contact belongs (one contact can belong to one account). When you fill out the Account field in the contact's profile, you can also add supplemental fields: Account company size and Account industry.

To view and manage contacts companies' information, Reply suggests you enable the Accounts functionality. The enabling of accounts is followed by the migration of data based on the corresponding fields in the contact's profiles. This means that accounts will be created automatically, allowing you to view all information and a list of contacts associated with them.

To enable accounts, follow these steps:

  1. Open the People → Accounts tab.

  2. Click on the Enable accounts button.

  3. A popup will appear informing you that the migration of accounts data has begun. Please wait until the migration is completed.

That's it. Right after data migration, the list of newly created accounts will be shown in the grid in the Accounts tab. Click on the account to view full information about it.

Now you can manage and view all contacts that belong to a specific company, quickly access all the needed information, and perform a pull action on the list of contacts within one account. You can also create new accounts (manually or by import with a CSV file) and then move contacts to those accounts.

To learn more about the available actions in the Accounts tab, read this article.

Please note. Once you enable accounts in Reply, such fields in the contacts' profiles as Account company size and Account industry become uneditable. Only after you enable Accounts, you can edit this information in the Accounts tab.

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