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Learn how to filter tasks by interval, sequence, and task type in Reply Chrome Extension.

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Reply Chrome Extension allows you to filter out your tasks by interval (today, today and forward, this week, last week, Overdue tasks), sequence, and task type (to do, call, meeting, sms) so that you can customize your workflow better.

The filters are AND, AND, meaning that if you set more than one filter, your tasks will be filtered out by ALL the set filters. For example, if you set the interval filter for "today", the task type filter for "call", and select a sequence in the sequence filter, you will see all the call tasks that are due today from the selected sequence.

To filter out tasks in Reply Chrome Extension:

  1. Open Chrome Extension and navigate to the Tasks tab.

  2. Click the Filter button at the top. You can filter your tasks by either one or any combination of the 3 available filters: Interval, Sequence, and Task type.

  3. In the Interval filter, select a time interval by which to filter out your tasks: Overdue tasks (default), today, today and forward, this week, last week, this month, or last month. Overdue tasks are the ones that are currently pending irregardless of when they were created.

  4. In the Task type filter, select all tasks (default), to do, call, meeting, sms, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, or manual email.

  5. In the Sequence filter, select all sequences (default) or any one of the available ones.

  6. Click the Apply filter button to display the list of tasks filtered out by the selected criteria.

You are all set! The list of tasks filtered out according to the selected criteria is displayed.

Please keep in mind that if you close the Reply Chrome Extension and then open it again, the previously applied filters will still be applied until you clear cache. At this point, all the filters return to their defaults: Due tasks, All tasks, and All sequences.

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