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Step-by-Step Guide to Renting Multiple Phone Numbers in Reply
Step-by-Step Guide to Renting Multiple Phone Numbers in Reply

Learn how to use the phone number rental feature in Reply to improve your local presence and get better results with outreach

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How Does Renting Phone Numbers Work in Reply?

Reply allows you to obtain and use up to 10 phone numbers from different areas, facilitating a stronger connection with your contacts. By renting multiple phone numbers, you can not only enhance your local presence but also tailor your communication strategies to the regional preferences of your contacts, thereby improving the effectiveness of your phone outreach.

Engaging with leads on a more personal and local level can lead to higher response rates, provide a competitive advantage, and open up opportunities for significant revenue growth. Whether you're aiming to expand into new regions or strengthen your position in existing markets, these rented phone numbers can be an invaluable component of your communication strategy.

Setting Up Your Numbers:

  • Among your rented numbers, one can be designated as the Default number. You have the flexibility to change this at any time. The other numbers will serve as secondary options.

How Calls Are Managed:

  • When you initiate a call to a contact, Reply automatically checks the area code of your contact’s number.

  • If there’s a match with one of your rented numbers, the call will be placed using that matching number. This approach reduces call costs and increases the likelihood of your contact responding, as they see a familiar, local number.

  • If there’s no match, the call will be made using your default rented number.

  • If a contact returns your call or calls the phone number of a colleague that you used for the initial call, the callback will be directed to you. This is because the system recognizes and matches the user ID associated with the original call.

Expanding Your Number Options:

  • If you require more than the default limit of 10 rented numbers, please reach out to our Support Center for assistance in increasing this limit.

  • For further information or assistance with phone number rental in Reply, our Support Team is always ready to help.

How to Rent Phone Numbers and Manage Them

  1. Open the Settings page and navigate to the Calls tab.

  2. Click 'Add Phone,' and select the phone number from the list

In the Country drop-down, select the country you want to rent a phone number from and click Search.

The system provides you with a list of numbers available for rent. For the US and Canada, you can type in a three-digit area code to find a region-specific number.

Choose a phone number and click Select.

That's it! Now you can begin using Cloud Calls. All added rented numbers can be used by your entire team.

Managing Rented Numbers:

  • All the added numbers will be listed in Settings → Calls.

  • You can replace a rented phone number with a new one at any time.

  • Use the checkmark icon to make a rented phone number a default one.

  • To remove a rented phone number, set a new default number first, as it is not possible to delete the current default number. Once a new default is established, locate the number you wish to delete and click on the corresponding delete icon.

  • Importantly, all activity history associated with the old number will be preserved in the Activity tab of the contact profiles you have interacted with.

Note: You must have at least $10 in your Reply wallet to rent a number and make a call. Prices for renting a phone number may vary from country to country. For more information, see the Pricing for Cloud Calls article.

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