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How to Create and Manage Custom Call Resolutions in Reply
How to Create and Manage Custom Call Resolutions in Reply

Learn how to create and manage custom call resolutions in Reply to elevate your team's phone outreach and analytical capabilities

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What are Custom Call Resolutions?

In Reply, call resolutions are labels used to categorize the outcomes of your calls. These labels are essential for analyzing call data in reports and assessing the effectiveness of various call types.

While Reply provides three default call resolutions - Positive, Negative, and To Call - you can create custom call resolutions tailored to your specific needs, business requirements, or the unique aspects of your customer interactions. This flexibility enables deeper insights into call types and outcomes, facilitating more accurate tracking, analysis, and strategic improvements in outreach.

To manage call resolutions, navigate to the Call Resolutions tab:

  1. Click on your profile name in the header menu.

  2. Select 'Settings'.

  3. Navigate to the 'Calls' → 'Call Resolutions' tab.

Creating a New Custom Call Resolution

To add a new custom call resolution, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings Calls Call resolutions tab.

  2. In the Call Resolutions tab, click 'Add Resolution'.

  3. Enter a label name.

  4. Match your label with a default value (Positive, Negative, To Call) from the dropdown list.

  5. Click 'Add'.

Newly added call resolutions will appear in the list and can be used for future calls.

Important Note: A custom call resolution must be linked to a default value for saving. This linkage determines the corresponding contact status that Reply will later assign for a contact ('Called' for Positive and Negative, and 'To Call' for To Call).

Editing a Custom Call Resolution

To edit a custom resolution:

  1. Navigate to the Settings Calls Call resolutions tab.

  2. Click the edit icon next to the desired resolution.

  3. Make your changes and save.

Important Note: Edits affect only future calls and those labeled post-edit. Calls previously labeled retain their original resolution.

Deleting a Custom Call Resolution

To remove a custom resolution:

  1. Navigate to the Settings Calls Call resolutions tab.

  2. Click the delete icon next to the resolution.

  3. Choose the deletion method:

    • delete call resolution and remove it from all contacts;

    • delete call resolution and migrate its associated history to another resolution (reallocating each contact's call resolution history to a new category).

If migrating, select an alternative resolution from the dropdown list (based on all the call resolutions created previously).

4. Click 'Delete'.

Important Note: After deletion, the resolution is removed from contacts. However, records of calls with the deleted resolution remain in the Contact's profile under the Activity tab.

Key Points to Remember

  • Only custom call resolutions are editable or deletable. Default resolutions cannot be modified.

  • Custom resolutions are shared among all team members in your Reply account, ensuring consistency and collaborative visibility.

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