To create a new sequence:

On the Sequences page, click the "New sequence" button. In the Create a sequence popup, select the From template or From scratch option. If you select the first option, you can choose between the templates from Reply and your team templates (in case you have team templates).  

If you have selected the From scratch option, click the Add Sequence Step button to create the first step in your sequence.

The pop-up window appears. Here, you can easily switch between the different types of steps by combining them in the order that best suits your workflow:

Email (automatic and manual), Call, SMS (automated and manual), WhatsApp, Zapier step, and Task (To do, Meeting)

In this step, you will be working with the Sequence Wizard:

While creating sequence steps, you can do a variety of operations with them:

  • Reorder steps within the sequence using drag-n-drop

  • Clone steps

  • Add and pause A/B variants to the Email steps

  • Set up a step delay

  • Delete steps

For more details on how to manage sequence steps, refer to this article.

After you have created all the necessary steps, click Next to select the campaign schedule. Here you can select an existing sending schedule or create a new one:

Add contacts to your sequence by clicking the Add People button. You can upload contacts from a .csv file, add existing contacts, or create them manually:

In the next step, you can set up the sequence settings. It is important to understand Manual and Automatic handling of Call and Task steps as well as Max Daily Prospects Throttling.  

The Launch step provides you with an overview of the sequence. From here you can Save or Save & Launch the sequence, or jump to any step of the Sequence Wizard: 

Note: Alternatively, you can create a sequence instantly from a template.

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