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Integration with Pipedrive
Integration with Pipedrive

Learn how to make the most of Reply integration with your PipeDrive account: connect apps, sync data, map fields and automate workflows.

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Set up integration

To integrate your Reply account with Pipedrive:

  1. Log in to Reply.

  2. Open the Integrations page, select Pipedrive, and click Connect.

  3. Enter your Pipedrive API key* and click Authenticate.

Note: you can find the Pipedrive API key under Settings - API.

Configure field mapping between Reply and Pipedrive

After you have set up the integration, you must decide which fields in Pipedrive should correspond to the fields in Reply. To do this:

  1. Open the Mapping tab of the Pipedrive integration. The Full Name and Email fields in Reply are mandatory and cannot be changed.

  2. Click Add field mapping, for example, Company - Organization.

  3. Click Save.

πŸ“Œ Important Note:

Reply does not support the multi-select type of picklist for contact fields. This means that you cannot select multiple options within a single picklist field when integrating data between Reply and other platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive. Ensure your contact fields are updated accordingly to avoid any data synchronization issues.

Select integration options

Reply offers several options for integration with Pipedrive:

  • Create people from persons. The option lets you fetch your Pipedrive contacts to Reply.

  • Update people from persons. When you update a contact in Pipedrive, Reply also updates it.

  • Push to Sequence. The option lets you add a contact from Pipedrive to an ongoing Reply sequence.

Create people from persons

To fetch your Pipedrive contacts to Reply:

  1. Toggle the Create people from persons slider.

  2. Click Sync now.

Your Pipedrive contacts appear on the People page of your Reply account. After the first time, all new contacts will be automatically fetched by Reply.


Contacts created in Pipedrive:

Contacts fetched by Reply:

Update people from persons

Use this option if you want to update contacts in Reply after updating them in Pipedrive. To do this:

  1. Toggle the Update people from persons slider.

  2. Click Sync now for a manual update. Otherwise, Reply will sync changes during the next automatic synchronization.

Push to Sequence

When you enable this option, Pipedrive pushes contacts to a specified sequence in Reply. To use the option:

In your Pipedrive account

  1. Create a stage in a pipeline with the same name as a Reply sequence you want to use.

  2. Move Pipedrive contacts to this stage.

In your Reply account

  1. Make sure the sequence name coincides with the stage name in Pipedrive.

  2. Toggle the Push to Sequence slider.

  3. Click Sync now for a manual update. Otherwise, Reply will sync changes during the next automatic synchronization.

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