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How Reply tracks prospects' interaction with your emails
How Reply tracks prospects' interaction with your emails

Learn how opens, clicks, opt out and meeting tracking systems work

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In Reply, you can track how prospects interact with your emails using the following tracking systems:

  • opens tracking

  • link (clicks) tracking

  • opt out tracking

  • booked meetings tracking

Let's take a look at how these systems operate.

By default, for all tracking systems, we provide our tracking domains.

Nevertheless, we strongly recommend to set up custom tracking links to improve your deliverability. Learn more about the positive impact of custom tracking on your deliverability and how to configure it here.

Opens tracking

By default, opens tracking is enabled for all sequences.

To disable opens tracking, please navigate to Sequence Settings > General, turn on the toggle Disable opens tracking and hit Save settings.

Note: If you disable opens tracking, you will stop seeing who opens your next emails because emails will start going without opens tracking link. Opens tracking link is a pixel, so if your prospect has disabled images or an email was delivered to spam where images are not displayed, you will not see the status Opened.

Link (clicks) tracking

By default, link (clicks) tracking is disabled for all sequences.

To start tracking clicks please follow these steps:

Step 1: Hyperlink your links in templates using the Insert/Edit link button in the template editor.

We wrap your links with our tracking link, so when a prospect clicks on the link in your email, our tracking link redirects to your website.

Note: Reply will not track clicks in emails sent using the Send test button.

Also, clicks tracking can reduce deliverability of your emails. Here is how you can find prospects, who clicked on your links.

Step 2: Enable links (clicks) tracking by navigating to Sequence Settings > General and turning on the toggle Enable tracking. Remember to hit Save settings.

Opt out tracking

By default, opt out via link is disabled for all email accounts and the text Opt out is used. If you want your prospects to opt out via the link, you can do it using two options:

Booked meetings tracking

Currently, this option is only available in Beta. After connecting your calendar to Reply, you will be able to insert a meeting tracking link into your emails. When a prospect books a meeting, he/she will receive the status Meeting booked.


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