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Track direct and manual emails stats in prospect card
Track direct and manual emails stats in prospect card

Learn how to track direct or manual email stats in Reply's prospect card

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You can see stats for each direct or sent from manual step email and make informed decisions based on whether the prospect opened and viewed the email.

When you send a direct email and the prospect replies, a thread is created, the same as when this is done via a sequence. So the difference is in where the thread was originated from: a sequence or not a sequence, i.e. a direct email.

How it works

  1. Log into your Reply account and go to People > Contacts.

  2. Click a Contact to open the Prospect card.

  3. Send a direct email to the Prospect from the Prospect card by clicking the Send email icon at the top.

    ​Note: You can also send an email from a manual email task in Reply's Chrome Extension. Manual emails generated inside a sequence will be considered a part of the sequence, and not a one-shot email.

  4. Click the arrow on the left side of the Prospect card and switch to the Emails tab to be able to view the stats.
    For each email sent to the Prospect, the Emails tab shows (see outlined in red in the screenshot above):

    • Date the email was sent

    • Subject of the email

    • Source of the email: "One-shot email" is displayed for any direct email sent either from the Prospect card or from a manual email task in Chrome Extension. If you send an email and get a reply from a sequence, you will see the name of the sequence here)

    • Email stats: see if the email has been delivered, prospect opened & viewed the email and how many times they did it (hover over the icons).
      If there are no deliveries, clicks and views, the icons are disabled.
      Read this article to learn how to set up opens/links tracking in direct emails.

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