Branded URLs let you personalize your opt-out, open, and click tracking links and can improve your spam score by putting these services under a domain that matches your brand.  You can either use unique URLs provided by Reply, or set up own links. 

Default Branded URLs

You can find the section under Settings - Branded URLs. Each account has three default unique links for each metric - Opens, Clicks, Opt outs. These links have disabled toggles and cannot be removed (but can be changed). If there is no specific email account under the EMAIL column, 

Changing the default branded URL based on a Reply domain

You can change your default branded URL to a new one for any metric. To do this, click the Add new button, select the desired metric and click Save. You see the new tracking link in the corresponding section. Now you can switch between tracking links. Note, you can have only one active global tracking link for a specific metric at the same time.

Setting a unique branded URL for a specific email account

You can set a unique branded link for each email account that you have connected to your Reply account. When active, these links have higher priority than default branded links, and will be used in sequences.

Setting a unique branded URL based on your own domain

You can set up a link that uses your own domain instead of Reply domains. To do this:

1.  Click the Add new button.

2. Select link type and an email account (if you do not want this link to be a global link).

3. In the Your URL field, enter your subdomain and click Check. Your URL is your future subdomain. For your future subdomain you may select any word you'd like to use (except of “www”).

For example: for Opens you may select the word “open”, thus your subdomain will be “”.

4. On the next screen, copy CNAME and TXT records and add them to your DNS entries for your own domain.  

The process for doing this will vary depending on your DNS provider.

5.   Click Save.  

You can find instructions for adding a CNAME record at various DNS providers here:

If you are using Cloudflare service for managing your domain, and create CNAME record here to redirect to Reply tracking, please do not forget to Disable proxy.

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