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How do I find clicked people?
How do I find clicked people?

Need to segment and sort out prospects that clicked links in one of your automated Reply emails? Learn how to do it in a matter of seconds.

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Click tracking is an option which is disabled by default. In order to enable clicks on links detecting, go to a specific Sequence -> Settings -> General Settings

To find those prospects who clicked on the links inside your template, go to Sequence -> People -> add new Filter and search by Status: Clicked

Hit 'Apply' if you need to temporary save this filter list - it'll be automatically removed by your next session.

Hit 'Save' to permanently save the filter list so it also could adjust the numbers if there are more people clicked.

You can also find those who clicked in the sequence's Stats by switching the Live toggle

You'll also see the Clicked status in the People tab inside a sequence next to a person who clicked on a link.

Note: Reply tracks only those links that were added to the email template using the Insert/Edit link button in the template editor. Also, link tracking is not working when you send test from Sequence steps (Send test option) because tracking link is only generated during processing.

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