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How do I set up my opt-out text/link (unsubscribe option)?
How do I set up my opt-out text/link (unsubscribe option)?

Get to know more about out-out options in Reply

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There are two variants to customize your unsubscribing options in Reply:

  1. An opt-out link/text at the end of each sequence email

  2. A custom opt-out link for each email step

An opt-out variant at the bottom of each sequence step

The first option is perfect if you want your unsubscribing option to be the same for all the emails sent from your mailbox. Here is how you may set everything up:

  • Go to the Email Accounts tab of your Settings

  • Select the desired mailbox

  • Choose the Opt-out tab

Whichever one is highlighted in blue is currently on.

If you keep the text variant, our system will sort the contact's text reply to the Do Not Contact inbox category and assign the Opted Out status. We will not be sending any emails unless you manually remove this status. If you keep the link option on, your prospects can unsubscribe in one click instead of replying. You may edit both the text at the bottom of the email and the text shown on the Opt-out page.

While we recommend keeping either of the variants on to comply with the CAN-Spam policy, you may remove the opt-out text, by leaving all fields blank.

💡 The opt-out text/link is not added to the test emails (emails sent from the step template), and direct messages (emails sent from a prospect's profile).

Placing a custom opt-out link in your email

If you wish each sequence step to have a custom opt-out text, you may set it up separately inside the sequence (after removing the initial option). Here is what you need to do:

  • Open the step editor and select the place to insert an opt-out link.

  • Click the Insert/edit link button. 

In the Url field, enter {opt-out}. We will convert this text into an opt-out link.

  • In the Text to Display field, paste the text of the link (for example, click here). 

  • Save the changes.

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