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How do I set up my opt-out text/link (unsubscribe option)?
How do I set up my opt-out text/link (unsubscribe option)?

Configuring opt-out links is critical to the health of your email account and domain reputation since it can be a legal requirement

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We offer 3 options to customize how your prospects can unsubscribe from further outreach:

  1. By specifying a text line at the end of your email

  2. By specifying the opt-out link

  3. By placing a custom opt-out link in the email body

Both text and link options are located in your email account settings -> Opt-out text section:

  • Navigate to the Email Accounts tab of the Settings page

  • Select the desired email account

  • Scroll down to the Opt-out text section and expand it

The slider between 2 options indicates which option is currently on.

The screenshot above contains an example of opt-out text at the bottom of an email. When a person replies back to your email asking to unsubscribe, our system will automatically sort this email to Do Not Contact inbox category and set this prospect with the Opted Out status. This will stop sending out follow-up emails to such prospects unless you manually opt them in. Also, you can add your own text anytime.

On the screenshot below, the unsubscribe link option is turned on. It means that it'll be added to your emails and your prospects will be able to simply click on the link instead of replying back. They'll be redirected to an unsubscribe page saying that they have been removed from your list.

If you don't want to have an opt-out link, simply leave all fields blank. In order to comply with spam laws, we recommend you to have the opt-out option in your email sequences.

Please note, that opt-out text and link are not added to testing emails (when sending from Steps in sequence), and direct messages (when emailing directly from a prospect's profile).

  1. Open the text editor and select the place to insert an opt-out link.

   2. In the text editor, click the Insert/edit link button to open the Insert link dialog window. 

   3. In the Url field of the Insert link dialog window, enter {opt-out}. Reply will recognize this text and convert it into an opt-out link.
   4. In the Text to display field of the Insert link dialog window, enter the link text (for example, here). 

   5. Click Ok to insert the link. 

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