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Advanced sequence management
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After you've created a new sequence: configured steps, added contacts, reviewed templates, and everything is up to your standards, you need to finish your sequence's setup with final settings.

Email accounts

Specify email account(s) for sending emails by selecting from among the Email Accounts connected to your Reply user account. Read the Multiple email accounts per sequence article to learn more.

General settings

  • Max new daily contacts

Define how many new contacts you would like a sequence to start with each day. When you upload contacts or launch a sequence, the system runs a throttling process and temporarily labels contacts as ‘Throttled’ while preparing them for Step 1. This is particularly useful for sequences with different step types.

For example, if you set the Max new daily contacts limit to 25, you will not get more than 25 Call tasks in a day. This option helps to properly manage the workload for reps who manually handle Call and Task steps created by sequences.

Please note that the throttling process occurs daily, including on weekends. This means that you have more contacts moved to Step 1 every day.

Additionally, the Max daily new contacts limit enables better control over the distribution of the sequence sending limit between the 1st step and follow-up emails. To illustrate, if you set the Max number of emails per day to 400 and the Max daily new contacts to 100, the sequence will only initiate the first step for 100 new contacts each day, resulting in the sending of 100 1st step emails. The remaining 300 emails will then be evenly distributed among all follow-up messages in sequence.

  • Max number of emails per day

Set the limit of maximum first-step emails (up to 10 000), which means that your sequence won't send more emails per day than this number.

Important: Max new daily contacts overrides the Max number of emails per day option. Based on your Max new daily contacts limit, the system prepares contacts for Step 1 every day, including weekends.

  • Delay between each email sent (seconds)

Set the delay between each email sent, which refers to the amount of time in seconds that should pass between sending one email to another. We recommend at least a 20-30 second delay to avoid your account being blocked for SPAM activity. Also, our system needs an additional 10-15 seconds to proceed with the email sending, so include this in your calculations when specifying the max number of first step emails per day.

  • Matching email providers

Enabling the Matching Provider feature allows the automatic pairing of contacts in a sequence with corresponding sending email addresses based on their email providers, increasing the likelihood of successful email deliveries and refining the sender's reputation. Read more about the matching provider's feature in Reply.

  • Disable opens tracking

Disable opens tracking option removes the tracking pixel from the email sent via the sequence and emails will only be tracked by replies. Opens tracking is enabled by default.

  • Enable link tracking

Enable links tracking is an option to track clicks on links within your emails sent to your prospects. It's disabled by default.

  • Max same-domain contacts per day

When enabled, the limit allows Reply to reach out to a maximum number of contacts sharing the same domain per day, excluding common free domains such as and (full list of free domains).

Replies Handling

Specify what is to be done when a person replies to your sequence email:

  • Mark as finished which means that further follow-up emails are not sent to the prospect

  • Continue sending emails to send the remaining follow-up sequence

Switch contact to 'Finished' state if the last step email is sent and no reply is received.

The Finished state indicates that the sequence is over for certain prospects. The contact could be switched to the "Finished" state if a response is received, if their email bounced, if they opted out or if there was no reply after a certain number of days.

Please keep in mind that this setting can only be changed if the sequence did not send any emails yet.

Calls and tasks handling 

When you set up a sequence, you can select how to handle Call and Tasks steps - automatically or manually. 

Manual mode:

  • You must finish the task manually to move the contact to the next step.

Automatic mode:

  • Once you finish the task manually, the sequence moves the contact to the next step.

  • If you do not finish the task manually, the sequence moves the contact to the next step after the step delay and finishes the current task.

You can set the system to call a prospect automatically after they open your email several times. You can also assign the Paused status to the prospect after a successful call.

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