This article describes the existing limits in Reply. Limits that apply to the Team Edition accounts are marked with **.


Unique contacts

There is a limit for unique contacts (per month) which you can contact. A unique contact is a contact that you add to a sequence and send a first-step email.
The limit depends on the individual subscription plan: 

  • $50\mo - 200 contacts\mo 
  • $70\mo - 1000 contacts\mo 
  • $90\mo - 3000 contacts\mo 
  • $120\mo - 30000 contacts\month

To check the remaining limit, navigate to the Plans & Billing tab of the Settings page and expand the Subscription section. 

Emails per email account a day

The default limit for sending emails per day from one connected email account is 400 emails (based on the Google policy). To check the remaining limit, navigate to the Email Accounts tabs of the Settings page. 

Emails per sequence a day

You can set a limit for sending emails per sequence a day. It cannot exceed the overall  limit for emails per email account a day. To set the limit in a particular sequence, navigate to Sequence - Settings - General settings - Max number of emails per day.  

Emails per contact a day

The default limit is set to 1 (one) in order to improve the sequence performance and reduce the chances of ending up in the recipient's spam folder.  
** Team Edition lets you push the same prospect to several sequences of different team members simultaneously. In this case, you should change the default value to 2 or 3. To change the default limit, navigate to Settings - Emails - Email Safety - Max number of emails to a single contact per day

Email accounts

You can connect up to 5 email accounts to your Reply account. Each plan includes 3 email accounts with the possibility to add two more accounts for $20 each per month.


  • 15000 requests a month for API requests.
  • 10 seconds limit between API calls. 
  • Limit for syncing contacts using native integrations is the same as limit for prospects.

Custom fields

You can have a maximum 50 custom fields in the contact details. 


There is a default limit for the maximum number of contacts in the account. Currently the limit makes 100000 contacts per user account for individual and business subscriptions. 

For accounts using Team Edition, the default limit applies to the whole team. The Team Owner manages the number of contacts within the team by assigning a certain number of contacts to each team member. 

You can raise the limit depending on your subscription plan via a request to the Support team:

Individual subscriptions

  • Tier 1  +$30 per month per user for new limit of 200K prospects.
  • Tier 1  +$60 per month per user for new limit of 300K prospects.

Business subscriptions

  • Tier 1   +$30 per month per user for new limit of 300K prospects.
  • Tier 2  +$60 per month per user for new limit of 500K prospects. 
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