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Limits in Reply can be separated into a few groups. In this article, we will cover all the groups and will see what limits influence the sending most:

  • email-related

  • contact-related

  • integration-related

  • feature-related

Email-related limits

The first limit that influences the sending is the total number of emails. The maximum value sent daily from one email account is 400 emails for the paid plans, 200 for the trial accounts, and 1 for the Freemium.

The other limit is the max number of emails per day that is managed inside the sequence. It cannot exceed the limit of emails per email account a day.

If you want to send multiple emails to one contact daily, the max daily emails per contact limit is what you need. The default value is set to 1 but you may increase it.

💡 Important: The above limits do not apply to emails sent within the Manual email step. Team Edition lets you push the same prospect to several sequences of different team members. In this case, you can change the default value to 2 or 3.

Every new Reply user has 2 email accounts included in the Trial period. Paid Sales Engagement plans include:

  • 1 email account on the Starter plan;

  • 5 email accounts on the yearly Professional plan and 2 mailboxes on the monthly plan;

  • 15 email accounts on the Ultimate bundle plan;

You can also connect as many additional mailboxes as you need for $29/month each.

Contact-related limits

The default prospects limit in the Reply account is 100,000 on all Business and Agency plans. If you cannot upload more contacts, our Support team can raise the limit depending on your current plan:

On Starter plans:

  • + $30 per month per user for a new limit of 200K prospects (100K additional prospects)

  • + $60 per month per user for a new limit of 300K prospects (200K additional prospects)

On Professional or Ultimate bundle plans:

  • + $30 per month per user for a new limit of 400K prospects (300K additional prospects)

  • + $60 per month per user for a new limit of 600K prospects (500K additional prospects)

During the trial, there is another limit to keep in mind - unique contact limits. The value is set to 300, so you can email 300 unique contacts. Follow-up emails are not used in the count.

Integration-related limits

  • 15,000 requests a month for API requests.

  • 10 seconds limit between API calls.

  • The limit for syncing contacts = the limit for prospects.

Feature-related limits

As a new user, you get 200 Data credits to explore Reply's database. This limit differs for each plan, so here is what you can get after the upgrade:

  • 5,000 Data credits on the annual Starter plan and 500 on the Starter monthly.

  • 10,000 Data credits on the annual Professional plan, and 1,000 on the monthly plan.

  • 30,000 Data credits on the Ultimate plan.

There is also an AI credit limit for personalized emails and icebreakers. Same as for the previous limit, the credits depend on the subscription you have:

  • 50 AI credits on the annual Starter plan and 50 AI credits on the Starter monthly.

  • 300 AI credits on the annual Professional plan, and 50 AI credits on the monthly plan.

  • 1,000 AI credits on the Ultimate plan.

If you want to use LinkedIn automation in your campaigns, you need to set up LinkedIn limits.

Each interaction is limited to 30 but our Support team can increase it if requested.

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