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Learn how to send short text messages to your prospects as part of an outreach sequence

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For businesses, SMS is an important communication channel to reach audiences and send mass messages. You can use this tried-and-true method to follow up after calls, send personalized messages, or notify your customers about upcoming events.

Reply sequences support both automated and manual SMS. An automated SMS works in a similar way to automated email messages, with SMS being sent based on a template in the SMS sequence step. The system generates the manual step type as a task that you can complete from the Reply Chrome extension.

Please note: if some of your contacts do not have a phone number in their profile and they move to the automated SMS step, two scenarios are possible:

  • If the task handling mode in the sequence settings is set to manual, prospects without a phone number will stop on the automatic SMS step.

  • If the automatic mode is enabled, prospects without a phone number will move further along the steps.

To add the SMS sequence step on Reply:

  1. Click the Plus button in the top right corner of the Steps tab/the SMS icon at the bottom of the page for existing sequences or press Add Sequence Step in Sequence Wizard for a new one.

  2. In the pop-up window, choose manual or automatic SMS from the drop-down list above:

3. In the SMS editor, enter your text and add links if necessary.

After you've added the SMS step, you can drag and drop it in the sequence to rearrange the order of steps.

Note that when a contact replies to your SMS, it is synced into Reply and you can see the event in the Activity log of a contact profile.

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