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How to Assign Contacts to Matching Email Providers
How to Assign Contacts to Matching Email Providers

Learn how to enable the automatic assigning of contacts in a sequence to sending email addresses with the matching email providers

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In your sequence, the email addresses of your contacts may be associated with various providers. To enhance deliverability, consider enabling the 'Matching Email Providers' feature. This feature automatically pairs contacts with corresponding sending email addresses based on email providers (for instance, Outlook to Outlook, Gmail to Gmail), thereby increasing the likelihood of successful email deliveries.

As a result, you can not only save time but also refine your sender reputation (increase the odds your emails will land in the Inbox instead of Spam), facilitating smoother and more impactful interactions with your audience. By focusing less on technical issues, you can devote more effort to creating meaningful connections through your messages.

Check the Email Providers of Your Contacts

When adding or uploading contacts to a sequence, Reply automatically detects the providers associated with the email addresses of your contacts.

To check the email providers of your contacts, follow these steps:

  1. Open the People page from the header menu and navigate to the Contacts tab.

    Alternatively, you can open a particular sequence and navigate to the People tab.

  2. By default, the contact providers are not shown in the grid.

    To make this information visible, click on the three horizontal dots in the upper-right corner.

  3. Check the Provider column.

Once the Provider column is enabled, you can instantly check the detected email providers of your contacts:

Important note:

  • If a contact is simply uploaded to Reply but not added to a sequence, detection will not happen.

  • When a provider is not detected, the column will display 'Unknown' as the status.

Enable the "Matching Email Providers" Feature

By default, the matching email providers feature is turned off, and all the contacts in a sequence are automatically assigned among the connected email accounts in random order per the round-robin logic.

The "round-robin logic" refers to a method where contacts are distributed evenly and cyclically among the available sending email addresses; each email address takes turns sending an email to the next contact in the sequence.

To enable the matching email providers feature, follow these steps:

  1. Open a sequence and navigate to the Settings tab.

  2. Expand the General settings.

  3. Turn on the "Matching email providers" toggle.

  4. Click on the Save settings button.

That's it! Now, the contacts in your sequence will be automatically distributed between the sending email addresses with matching email providers. To learn how to connect multiple email accounts to your sequence, refer to this guide.

Important note:

  • The feature will only be active for contacts in the sequences where it has been enabled.

  • If the sender's (connected sending email address) and the receiver's (contact added to a sequence) email providers match, Reply will assign a sending email based on the match.

  • For unmatched contacts, Reply will distribute them randomly among the available sending email addresses using round-robin logic.

  • When the feature is toggled off or on in a sequence where assignments have already taken place, the existing contacts that have been assigned will remain unaffected. Only the newly added contacts will be assigned to sending email addresses according to the enabled or disabled matching logic.

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