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Step #3: Setting up a sequence
Step #3: Setting up a sequence

Learn how to set up sequences in Reply easily

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Once your email account is added and contacts are imported, you can start a sequence. A "sequence" is a series of steps to engage with your contacts. These steps can include Email, Call, SMS, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Zapier, and Task actions in any combination you like.

πŸ’‘Important: While connecting a mailbox is optional for creating sequences, it is mandatory for launching email campaigns. For SMS or LinkedIn steps, you need to provide the contact information (phone number and LinkedIn account).

Setting up a sequence

The Sequences tab is the default one in Reply, so you will not miss it. Here we have got 4 options for campaign creation:

  • From Template - you can use Reply's and your team templates.

  • From Scratch - this option works best if you want complete control over the sequence.

  • From Magic ✨ - Jason AI will shape the sequence based on the entered prompt.

  • Sales Agent - here you can describe your business and offer and get just the campaign you need.

You can choose either variant or use them all while exploring.

Campaign from scratch

We will discuss the creation from scratch to cover all the blocks and will start with the contacts. There are 4 ways to add people to your campaign:

  • From the Data tool - you can use the filters to find the matches in Reply's database.

  • From CSV file - if you have a contact list in a file, this is the variant you need.

  • From existing lists - you can add contacts from your existing Reply lists.

  • From manual creation - it is possible to create people manually by filling in each field.

Once the contacts are added, we will move to the steps set up. Here are the types of steps we have for you:

  • Email step (automatic and manual) - ensure the contacts have the correct emails.

  • Call step - contacts need to have valid phone numbers in the correct format.

  • SMS step (automatic and manual) - same as for the calls, you need to add phone numbers to contacts.

  • WhatsApp step - phone numbers for your contacts are required.

  • LinkedIn step (automatic and manual) - you need the LinkedIn URL to the contact's card.

  • Zapier step

  • Task step

Apart from the creation, you have control over steps management. Here is what you can do:

  • Reorder by drag-and-drop

  • Clone

  • Add and pause A/B variants

  • Set up a step delay

  • Delete

πŸ’‘ Keep in mind: If you chose the Email step, make sure to specify the subject for Step 1. If you want all emails to be sent in the same thread, leave the subject line for Step 2 and further empty.

Sequence settings

The next and final tab of the sequence setup is Settings. Here you have the campaign overview and general settings:

  • Account - you can connect your mailboxes and LinkedIn account in this tab.

  • General settings - set up max new daily contacts (people we plan for Step 1 per day), max number of emails (for the sequence per day), delay between emails

  • Schedule - work with the existing schedules or create a new one from scratch.

  • Replies handling - choose how to handle replied contacts, contacts with no replies, and people who have booked a meeting.

  • Calls handling - manage call steps handling and automatically call people.

  • Tasks handling - work with 2 drop-down menus: choose the owner of the tasks and pick the handling method.

  • Jason AI - set up your work with our Jason AI assistant by letting it handle replies and personalize emails.

Once you have gone through all the steps, you may save the changes or launch the campaign right away. It is up to you!

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