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Multiple email accounts per sequence
Multiple email accounts per sequence

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To increase the volume of emails sent by a sequence and reduce the amount of routine work, you can add multiple (up to 20) email accounts to a sequence. No need to create multiple sequences with identical settings and steps. Contacts added to the sequence, including the newly added ones, will be automatically assigned among the email accounts per the round-robin logic.

Adding email accounts to a sequence

To send emails from multiple email accounts per sequence, you must add those email accounts to the sequence first. You can do this in the Sequence Wizard during the sequence creation or from a particular sequence page. To do this from a sequence page:

  1. Log into your Reply account and connect additional email accounts to your Reply account.

  2. Open a sequence and navigate to the Settings tab.

  3. In the Email accounts section, add as many email accounts as you need by clicking Add email account. The button is available only when there are email accounts which you can add (step 1).

  4. Make sure to adjust your email sending and throttling daily limits per sequence in sequence Settings > General settings. Make them higher to match the number of email accounts added to the sequence.

How it works

Once you've added email accounts to a sequence, every time new contacts are added to the sequence (manually, from a csv file, through API or an integration), they will be automatically distributed among the added email addresses per the round-robin logic. This means that if you, for example, add 3 email accounts to a sequence, the first contact will be assigned to the first email account, the second contact to the second email account, the third contact to the third email account, the forth contact to the first email account, and so on.

If your sequence has several email steps, all the emails from the consecutive steps will be sent from the same email account as the first email step for a particular contact, unless you delete this email account.

Currently, you can add only your own email accounts to sequences, even if you are part of a Team in Reply.

Removing email accounts from a sequence

You can remove any of the email accounts (except for the last one) added to a sequence with a mere click of the Remove icon next to it. But please keep in mind:

  • If you remove an email account, all the contacts assigned to it will be automatically redistributed among the remaining email accounts in equal portions.

  • If you remove an email account from which your first-step emails were sent, follow-ups will be sent from the email account to which a particular contact was reassigned and in the same email thread.

  • If the email address from which the follow-ups will be sent belongs to someone else and has a signature of another person (not of the first-step email sender), we recommend editing templates in the follow-up steps before deleting the email account of the first-step sender. You may want, for example, edit the template as follows: "My colleague {{ReplyAccount.FirstName}} {{ReplyAccount.LastName}} reached out to you last week. I would like to pick up the conversation".


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