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Manual email step in a sequence
Manual email step in a sequence

Learn how to use a manual email step in your sequence to safely scale your outreach

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Reply allows you to use two types of email steps in a sequence: automatic and manual. Using the automatic type, you can pre-set your outreach emails and follow-ups to eliminate routine work; the system will send messages automatically according to predefined triggers. For more details on how to set up your first sequence, read this article.

Alternatively, you can choose the manual email type for your outreach. After you save an email copy as a sequence step, Reply generates a manual email task, which you can complete later in the Reply Chrome Extension. The manual email step can be especially useful for Reply users with enterprise sales, where the cost of each interaction is very high.

To add manual email step to your sequence:

  1. Go to the Sequences page β†’ open a sequence β†’ navigate to the Steps tab.

  2. Click on the New step button in the top right corner. Or click on the Email step icon at the bottom of the page.

  3. Sequence Wizard will be shown. In the pop-up window, select Send manual email step from the drop-down at the top (automatic is set by default).

  4. Start typing text into the editor. In the body of your email, you can apply templates, insert variables, and also take advantage of the preview option by clicking or unclicking the eye icon in the upper right corner of the editor:

4. Click on "Save." After saving the email copy, Reply generates a manual email task in the Reply Chrome Extension.

Important: To prevent you from accidentally reaching the wrong people, Reply does not allow sending manual emails to blacklisted or opted-out contacts.

  • If you see an error message because one of the contacts associated with your task is blacklisted, you can unblacklist the contact and send the manual email again.

  • The system does not generate manual email tasks for opted-out contacts. You can remove the Opted Out and Finished statuses so that the task is visible and can be completed in the Chrome extension.

To complete email task in Reply Chrome Extension:

  1. Make sure that you have already added the Reply extension to Chrome. Then, open it by clicking on the extension's icon in the top-right corner of your browser.

  2. To double-check the quality of your email and send it to a prospect, open Tasks from the extension menu β†’ select the Manual email type from the list of available tasks.

  3. Open the needed task. You can also click the Launch all tasks button, and the extension starts opening tasks one by one.

  4. Click the "Send and Complete" button to finish the task. Here's the more detailed instruction.

Please note that the due date for your task is the date/time of the next step in your sequence. You can complete the manual email task at any time before its due date.

Check your manual email tasks

You can check and view all of your tasks, along with manual email types, on the Tasks page. Additionally, you can mark tasks as completed by selecting them and clicking on the "Complete" button.

Important: If you are using the "Complete" button on the Task page, please keep in mind that in this case the emails or tasks won't be sent or done. However, tasks will be marked as completed, and contacts are going to be moved to the next step. Manual tasks and emails can only be completed and sent using the Chrome extension.

Currently, you can process manual email tasks ONLY from the Reply Chrome Extension. Our team is working hard so that you can execute such tasks from the main Reply application as well.

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