Once a prospect has been added to your Reply account, a multi-functional profile card is created.

Select a prospect in the list on People page and the profile will be opened immediately, showing the contact information which was specified manually or added with the CSV file import.

You can edit all of these fields manually and save changes, but cannot create new fields (e.g. custom variables).

Under the contact name on the top of the profile you can find the icons allowing you to:

  • Add a prospect to a group List
  • Add to sequence
  • Set/unset prospect status
  • Send personal email
  • Make a call
  • Remove prospect from your account

Below the action icons you'll find current prospect status. There can be up to 4 statuses simultaneously, for example, Contacted, Opened, Replied, Finished. Which means that the prospect received at least 1 email sent from your Reply sequence, opened at least once, replied to your email and was set to Finished due to the rule to stop email sequence for those who replied.

There is a left arrow opening the Activity log, where you can find all the history starting from the prospect's creation. All the links there are clickable, so you can navigate to sequences and lists, if needed.

You can add a note for further reference.

There is Sequence tab showing current sequence the prospect is associated with, and previous ones, if any.

You can navigate to any of these sequences by clicking on them.

On Emails tab you can overview all emails ever sent to this specific prospect.

Here you can see when emails from all sequences have been sent to this prospect, and personal messages. You can open each thread and reply directly from out there.

If a prospect replied to you, you'll see their response here and will be able to continue the whole conversation in this tab. All further responses are also reflected here.

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