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How do I change the status from Finished to Active?
How do I change the status from Finished to Active?

Learn how you can reactivate contacts by changing their status in Reply

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There are two scenarios when a prospect gets the Finished status. Let's review each of them and move to the steps to fix them πŸ‘‡

  • When a contact replies to the sequence email.

  • When a prospect goes through all sequence steps and finishes the campaign.

There is a dedicated sequence setting that manages both. Here is how you may find it:

  1. Open the sequence;

  2. Go to the Settings tab;

  3. Expand Replies Handling section:

If you would like to reactivate prospects, follow this short guide and your sequence will be back in action!

  1. Go to the People tab of your campaign;

  2. Select contacts;

  3. Click on the Change Status icon:

  4. Click + (plus) next to Active;

  5. Save the changes and it is done:

This is it! If you face any errors or need help with the statuses, feel free to message our Support team in chats or email them at

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