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Step #2: Importing contacts
Step #2: Importing contacts

Learn how to import multiple contacts at once to a sequence in Reply using CSV file

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You can import contacts to a new or existing sequence in the dedicated People tab. After successful import, the prospects will be added to both your campaign and Reply's list.

💡 Important: the file needs to match these requirements

  • Format and size - the list should be in a CSV UTF-8 (comma-separated) format. The xlsx* or any other format will not work. Each CSV file can contain up to 100,000 rows = 100,000 contacts.

  • Mandatory fields - make sure the First Name field is not empty; it is required.

  • Error Handling - if any of the required fields is missing or has the incorrect data format, you will get an error message. Numeric fields only accept numbers, no symbols, and no spaces. Make sure your phone number and any other numeric field only contain digits.

CSV Import

Once you are ready to add your contacts and start your sequence, you can do the following:

  • open the sequence and move to the People tab

  • click the Import from CSV file or Add Contacts button

  • the next step is uploading the file from the computer or dragging it to the window

  • once you have picked the file, you can map the fields in the file with the fields in Reply. Beyond the standard fields, you can add and map custom fields.

  • choose the contact identifier in the drop-down menu. When you choose a unique identifier (such as Email, Last Name, or Phone), it becomes the distinguishing key for each contact and prevents duplicates. Once it is chosen, other fields become optional.

  • select the import options: contact list, matched records and contacts without email handling, automatic timezone detection.

Matched Records:

  • Update Existing Fields - this option overwrites existing contact fields with new data from your CSV file.

  • Skip - select this variant to avoid overwriting existing contacts' information.

Records Without Emails:

  • Add Generated Emails - if your contacts do not have emails, you can assign autogenerated ones.

These contacts will be skipped for email sequences but will work fine with SMS, WhatsApp, calls, or LinkedIn steps.

  • Skip - you can choose not to import contacts without email addresses.


  • Tick Detect contact time zone automatically to assign time zones based on the contacts' city/state and country data. This may extend the import time by up to 30 minutes.

Import results and errors

Once you finish all the settings, the system uploads your CSV file. You close the dialog window and continue your work in Reply. Once the import is ready, you will get a notification with the results. The results have different import statuses:

Here is what each status means👇

  • Imported - the number of new contacts added to your account.

  • Updated - the number of existing contacts in your Reply account; their profiles have been updated.

  • Skipped - duplicates that the system removed during the import.

  • Import Errors - records that failed to import due to missing mandatory fields or incorrect field formats (for example, the Phone field has symbols "-+".

If you are unsure of the reason, you can upload the full import result file and check the details.

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