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Handling out-of-office responses
Handling out-of-office responses

This article explains how you can handle out-of-office responses to better plan your outreach

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Contacts that were automatically detected as out of office in one of your Reply sequences are assigned the Out Of Office status and suspended. In this case, you can configure the automatic processing of out-of-office replies or manually change the status of such prospects.

Auto setup:

  • The feature is enabled by default for new accounts. If your account was created before December 2020, make sure to turn it on manually in settings.

  • The feature affects all contacts with OOO status when the feature is on.

To configure the feature, go to your Settings page β†’ Emails tab β†’ scroll down to the Out of Office section. Turn on or off the Resume Out of Office contacts option:

Manual setting:

Additionally, you can resume sending follow-up emails to your contacts if you manually change the status from Out Of Office to Active. To do this, please select the contact on the People page β†’ '+' or '-' status > Set Status:

Please note that as soon as an Out of Office contact responds to your email, Reply detects such responses and changes the contact's status based on your sequence settings for handling replies - Mark person as finished or Continue sending emails.

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