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InMail messages as LinkedIn Automatic Step in Sequence
InMail messages as LinkedIn Automatic Step in Sequence

Learn how to set up sending automatic InMail messages as part of LinkedIn automatic steps in sequences

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InMail step is one of the available LinkedIn automatic steps in sequence.

To use the InMail step in sequences, you need to connect your LinkedIn account to Reply and have an active subscription for Sales Navigator enabled on your LinkedIn account.

What are InMail messages?

InMail messages are private messages on LinkedIn that you can send to anyone without having to establish a prior connection. They allow you to reach out to contacts outside of your network or LinkedIn groups. InMail messages are useful for connecting with potential partners or job candidates and building new relationships.

Automated InMail messaging in Reply

While InMail messages can be sent manually from a member's profile page and search results in Sales Navigator, Reply allows you to automate the sending of InMail messages as part of LinkedIn's automatic steps in sequences. This saves you time by eliminating the need to manually send each message and enables you to reach out to a larger number of contacts more efficiently.

How to set up automatic InMail messages on LinkedIn

To set up automatic InMail messages on LinkedIn, follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Sequences" in the header menu.

  2. Click on "New sequence" β†’ then select "From scratch."

  3. Click Add step and select the LinkedIn icon in the sequence wizard.

  4. Choose "Automatic" from the first drop-down list and "InMail" from the second.

  5. Use the Subject field to add the title of your message. The maximum character limit is 200 symbols.

  6. Use the Body text field to add the text that will appear as your InMail message. You can personalize your outreach campaign using variables, and use ready-made templates to simplify the message creation process.

  7. Click "Save."

That's it. Now, finalize and launch your sequence. Here's a detailed guide on how to launch a sequence.

Please note that there is a field in the contact card called "Sales Navigator" that is automatically filled out during a contact search. This field is used to send InMail messages. However, if this link is not available, we can still send InMail messages using a link to the contact's LinkedIn profile.

If a LinkedIn member has set their privacy settings to not receive InMail messages, InMail step in sequences will not be sent to this contact.

InMail messages in Sequence Logs

Sequence β†’ Logs will list all activities related to sending all steps in your sequence, including InMail messages. Therefore, on the Logs page, you can check the exact time when the InMail messages were sent, and, in case there were some errors with sending, you can learn more about the problem.

Important. In case of errors with sending InMail messages, please contact our support center.

Records about InMail messages in a contact card

All the records about sending InMail messages are also listed in the contact cards.

To check the records:

  1. Open the sequence and navigate to the People tab.

  2. Click on the contact to access the contact card.

  3. Expand the contact card by clicking on the arrow button.

  4. Navigate to the Activity tab.

InMail messages in Safety limits

The quantity of InMail messages that you can send daily is regulated by safety limits.

Limits are applicable to all LinkedIn steps used in sequences and help you avoid blacklisting as a result of triggering a large number of connections every day.

To check and edit your limits for sending InMail messages, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings from the top menu in the header.

  2. Navigate to the LinkedIn Accounts tab β†’ click on the connected LinkedIn account.

  3. Safety limits will be shown right under your profile's info and a session cookie.

There are two numbers for InMail limits:

  • The number of InMail messages already sent within the current day.

  • The maximum number of InMail messages that can be sent per day.

You can edit the second number and set your own limit. Hovewer, you are allowed to set a limit of no more than 30 messages per day.

InMail messages in Reports

You can also track the progress of sending your InMail messages.

For this, click on Reports in the header menu and open the LinkedIn dashboard.

On the LinkedIn dashboard, you can check:

  • Replied auto InMails

  • Sent auto InMails

  • Sent manual InMails

Here's a detailed guide on how to use the LinkedIn dashboard.

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