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How to connect a LinkedIn Account with an automatic session cookie
How to connect a LinkedIn Account with an automatic session cookie

Learn how to connect a LinkedIn account to the platform with an auto cookie using Reply Chrome Extension

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Reply allows you to connect a LinkedIn account to the platform so use it for performing automatic tasks in sequences.

Previously, the connection was possible by adding a session cookie manually which required some time and effort. Now, Reply is upgraded with a new feature to do it automatically through Chrome Extension.

How to connect LinkedIn Account with auto cookie

1. Open Settings from the top menu in the header.

2. Navigate to the LinkedIn Accounts tab โ†’ click on the + Add account button.

3. Click on the Install chrome extension button.

If you have already installed the extension, skip this step and proceed to step 4.

You will be redirected to Chrome Extensions Store.

Install the extension and make a login into your Reply account.

4. Click on the Sign in Chrome Extension button.

In the extension, make a Sign In and type your credentials to enter an existing account, or Sign Up to create a new account.

5. Log in to your LinkedIn account.

If you were logged out from your LinkedIn account, the Reply extension will show you a pop-up window:

Click on the Log in to LinkedIn button in the extension.

You will be redirected to the LinkedIn login page. Select which LinkedIn Account you wish to add to Reply and enter your credentials. Click Sign in.

6. Successful connection of the account will be shown in the Extension and in LinkedIn Account's settings where profile picture and name will show up along with a session cookie code.

Click Connect.

That's it! Your session cookie validation is done. Your LinkedIn account is connected to Reply and is ready to use.

Please note.

  • Make sure the toggle near your profile's photo is green which means it is active and can be used to keep the LinkedIn automation running. If it is gray, just switch the toggle and refresh the page.

  • Reply automatically update the session cookies from Chrome Extension. However, you can also click the Refresh button to refresh the session by yourself.

Set Limits for LinkedIn Account

You can also set Safety limits for your account. These settings are located right near the profile info and session cookie.

You can set the following daily limits:

  • Connection requests

  • View Profile

  • Like Recent Posts

  • Messages

  • InMail

  • Sales Navigator Connect

  • Replies Detection

By default, each of these limitations is set to 30 per day for safety reasons.

Add second, third, or more LinkedIn Accounts

An automatic session cookie could be passed for only one LinkedIn account at a given period of time. If you want to add second, third, or more LinkedIn Accounts to Reply, you need to perform adding session cookies manually as described in this article.

Important! To make this work and add second, third, or more LinkedIn Accounts session cookies, you need to use the Incognito tab in your browser.

View info and statistics about interactions made by a LinkedIn account

Open the Settings โ†’ LinkedIn Accounts page, here you will see info and statistics about actions made through your LinkedIn account:

  • Session Cookie

  • Connection Requests

  • Messages

  • InMails

  • Replies

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