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LinkedIn Dashboard Overview
LinkedIn Dashboard Overview

Learn how to use statistics on LinkedIn touches to measure the performance and effectiveness of your LinkedIn efforts

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The LinkedIn dashboard in Reply is an intuitive and comprehensive reporting panel that allows you to view major LinkedIn metrics of your team so you can learn what was more effective and improve your subsequent outreach strategies.

The dashboard allows you to view the total number of different types of LinkedIn touches (both automated and manual), such as connections, regular messages, connection notes, InMails, profile views, and likes. The statistics on contacts' replies are also available.

To access the LinkedIn dashboard:

Log in to your Reply account, then click the Reports button in the top header menu, and choose LinkedIn. The dashboard will be shown containing such components

Below are descriptions of the components of the LinkedIn dashboard.


At the top of the dashboard, you can find quick options for filtering:

  • All account

  • All sequences

  • All members

  • Timeframe

  • Smart filter icon. By clicking on the filter icon, the panel with smart filters will be shown, where you can set more precise criteria for filtering.

Please take into account your time zone as set in your account settings. Depending on these settings, the chart will be shown differently. When you select a time range for reports, it will use the time range in the set timezone.

Key metrics

Key metrics are shown on the upper panel as well, and they include:



Total prospect contacted

The total number of contacts that were reached using different types of LinkedIn touches (connections, regular messages, connection notes, InMails, profile views, and likes) both manually and automatically.

Connections sent

The total number of LinkedIn connections sent, both manual and automated.

Automated Connections / Automated Conversion Rate

The total number of automated connections approved / the percentage of connections approved in relation to all sent connections.

Messages sent

The total number of LinkedIn messages sent, including manual messages, automated messages, manual InMails, automated and manual connection notes (text added to connection request)

Replies / Replies Conversion Rate

The total number of replies / the percentage of replied messages to automated messages sent.
Reply in Beta only detects replies to automatically sent messages.

Click on the metric to view the list of contacts.

The column segmented chart

The main chart is a column segmented chart that contains all types of LinkedIn touches and replies. It contains 6 columns with metrics per each time point, with segments. One row shows one type of touch, and different colors define additional details about the touches: accepted or replied automatically, sent manually or automatically, etc.

on X-axis - numbers, and on the Y-axis timeline. When hovering over the column, a tooltip with the total and numbers per LinkedIn touch will be shown.

Types of connections:

  • Connections: Accepted auto connections, Sent auto connections, Sent manual connections

  • Replies: Replied auto message, Sent auto message, Sent manual massage

  • Auto connection notes: Replied auto connection notes, Sent auto connection notes

  • InMails: Replied auto InMails, Sent auto InMails, Sent manual InMails

  • Profile views

  • Likes

You can also turn on, or turn off columns with metrics for Automated and Manual LinkedIn so you can compare LinkedIn touches efficiency across different channels.

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