Safety limits for LinkedIn Automatic steps are needed to avoid blacklisting as a result of triggering a large number of connections every day. These restrictions apply to each type of connection per day.

By default, the maximum daily limit is set by the Reply algorithm, which constantly monitors the overall performance and safety of your LinkedIn accounts. However, you can also set your own limits. Besides, you can monitor the usage of safety limits during the day. Let's take a look at safety limits in more detail.

Please note. Safety limits are accessible for both LinkedIn accounts connected with an Auto cookie and manually connected accounts.

View Safety Limits

  1. Open Settings from the top menu in the header.

  2. Navigate to the LinkedIn Accounts tab click on the connected LinkedIn account.

  3. Safety limits will be shown right under your profile's info and a session cookie.

There are two values for each limit:

  • The first number (on the screen it is 0) - is the number of connections made during the current day.

  • The second number (on the screen it is 7) - is the maximum number of connections that are allowed to be performed during the day.

Once one or a few connections are executed, the first number is updated automatically and the icon representing the type of connection is updated with a progress circle (blue) in correspondence with the percentage of use of the limit. For example, when the circle is 100% blue, your daily limit is reached completely.

Description of task types:

  • Connections - a short message linked to a connection request on LinkedIn to your prospect.

  • View Profile - automatical view the prospects' profile.

  • Like Recent Posts - task to leave likes on the posts published by the prospects.

  • Messages - a direct message to your prospect on LinkedIn.

  • InMail - (available in the next release).

  • Sales Navigator Connect - (available in the next release).

  • Detections

Edit Safety Limits

The Reply system regularly checks the overall performance and safety of your LinkedIn accounts and sets the maximum daily limit by default. For example, all connections can be limited to 30 max. per day by default, and 40 max. per day via request to support team.

However, you can also configure each of the types of daily limits by yourself. In this case, you can specify a value that is no greater than the default limits.

  1. Select the needed type of connection.

  2. Edit the second field as shown below on the screen click on the Save button.

What happens when a limit is reached?

Once your Automatic LinkedIn steps in sequence reach the maximum set limits, Reply will instantly send you a notification in the Sequence → Log tab.

In addition, the toggle of your LinkedIn account will become yellow meaning that all your Automatic LinkedIn steps in sequences will be paused. All connections can become active again the next day.

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