The Sequences page is the first page you see after logging into the application. It contains the list of your sequences, their status, and metrics. From this page, you can:

  • Create a new sequence

  • Open any sequence details

  • Run, pause, archive, remove a sequence

  • Organize sequences in folders

  • Add people, duplicate, save as a template, sort sequences

  • Change sequence owner (if you are the team owner in a Team Edition account)

  • Search for sequences

Archived sequences are hidden by default. You can see them using the Archived filter or by scrolling down the list of sequences on the page. If you archive old sequences instead of deleting them permanently, you can use them to compare performance metrics - PEOPLE, OPEN RATE, REPLY RATE, DELIVERED.

Note: if you plan to quickly find and use prospects from the archived sequence, move them to a separate list before archiving the sequence.

Sequences page metrics

The page contains the following elements:

  • PEOPLE. Number of contacts participating in the sequence

  • OPEN RATE. Number of opened emails

  • REPLY RATE. Overall sequence performance; can be high, mid, or low. This indicator is based on reply rate: 0-3% - Red, 3-10% - Yellow, more than 10% - Green.

  • PROGRESS. The progress bar represents the ratio between Active and Finished prospects currently. The more prospects receive the Finished status, the higher is the overall sequence progress

  • DELIVERED. Number of delivered emails and ratio between the Total people and Contacted key metrics

Sequence folders

Sequence folders help you group and organize multiple sequences on the Sequences page.

To add a sequence to a sequence folder, click on the arrow on the right and click Move to folder.

Sorting and filtering

You can sort sequences using the corresponding drop-down list in the top left corner of the Sequences page by alphabetical order, date of sequence creation, date of sequence last view, sequence status:

You can filter sequences, using the corresponding drop-down list in the top left corner of the Sequences page by all statuses (default), New status, Suspended status, Active status, Paused status, and Archived status:

You can also click on each column header (such as TITLE, FROM, etc.) for additional sorting. For example, if you click on the PEOPLE header, the system will sort sequences by the number of contacts participating in the sequence:

Actions on hover

When you hover over any sequence, you see additional actions, available with this sequence.

Add people

The Add people action lets you add people to the sequence. When you click on the action, the system opens the Add people to sequence popup window, where you can add people by using the Import from CSV, Add from existing or Create manually options. 


The Duplicate action lets you create a copy of the sequence with the settings of the original sequence. However, you must add people to the duplicated sequence and manually launch it as the sequence has the Paused status by default.


The Archive action lets you archive your sequences. And to do this, you must first move the sequence to the Paused status. Use the Archive action if you have a lot of old sequences that you don't want to mix with the active ones but need to see some metrics to compare performance.

Please note that apart from deleting, you cannot perform any other actions on the archived sequence. The archived sequences can be found in the Archived list at the bottom of the Sequences page.

Important: you cannot unarchive the sequence.


The Remove action permanently removes the sequence from the system.

Important: there is no way to restore the removed sequence. Be careful with this action.

Use the Search field located in the top right corner of the Sequences page to find any sequence in the list by its name:

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