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Learn to manage your prospects' data, track sequence outcomes by prospects, update statuses, create smart filters, and export custom lists

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The People tab lets you see the information and metrics about contacts participating in the sequence, manage, add, and remove them from the sequence.

General information

The preset filters help you quickly sort the contacts by their status: All, Opened, Replied, Bounced, Opted Out, To Call, My (for Team Edition).

Steps on the left side of the tab let you sort the contacts depending on the step they have already passed. For example, if a contact has received both Step 1 and Step 2 emails, they will be displayed both in the Step 1 and Step 2 lists.

You can adjust columns to see additional information about the contacts by clicking on the More (...) icon.

There are two columns that look similar but have a different explanation - OPENS and VIEWS. The OPENS column shows a unique number of emails opened, so each email opened is counted only once. The VIEWS column displays how many times each particular email was viewed by the recipient. For more information about the columns, see this article.

When you select one or more contacts, you can perform several actions to them, such as changing their status, moving to another sequence, etc.

Note: you can add the Current step column that shows the current step of a contact.

You can also see the limit for the number of emails per sequence per 24 hours:

Add and remove contacts from sequence

To add contacts to the sequence, click the Add button at the top right corner of the People tab. For more information, see this article.

To remove contacts from the sequence:

  • Select contacts you want to remove by checking their checkboxes.

  • Click the Remove from sequence button.

Add custom smart filter

You can add a custom smart filter to sort contacts by particular parameters. For example, you can filter the contacts that you have added three days ago. To do this:

  1. Click Create new filter. This opens the New smart filter dialog box.

  2. In the Filter name field, enter the name of the filter.

  3. In the Property field, select the Added on value.

  4. In the Condition field, select the Exactly value.

  5. In the numeric field, enter 5.

  6. Click Save.

Now you can see the custom filter in the Smart Filters area.

Note: You can add several properties to a custom filter.

Change contact status

You can change contact statuses within the sequence. To do this:

  • Select contacts you want to change status by checking their checkboxes.

  • Click the Set sequence status button.

Note: there are certain restrictions on changing contact statuses. For more information, read the article that explains contact statuses.

Export contacts

You can export contacts to a .csv file. To do this:

  • Select contacts you want to export by checking their checkboxes.

  • Click the More button and select Export to CSV.

Pause sequence

You can pause the sequence by moving the Active/Paused slider at the top right corner of the tab.

Move to a list

You can select a contact or multiple contacts on the People tab and add them to a list.

Blacklist / Unblacklist

You can move contacts to the blacklist or remove them from it. To do this, select one or more contacts, click the More drop-down list and select the desired action:

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