WhatsApp step in a sequence

Learn how to send WhatsApp messages to your prospects within an outreach sequence

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Reply provides its users with the option to add the WhatsApp step to a sequence. Start using this great tool as part of your sequences to personalize your interactions with potential customers.

Adding the WhatsApp step to your sequence

1. You can add the new step in the Sequence Wizard or from the Steps tab on the Sequences page - just click the Plus button in the top right corner or choose the WhatsApp icon at the bottom of your screen.

2. Once you select a WhatsApp action, the pop-up editor appears from where you can start typing your message:

You can add Personal, Team, or Community templates using the Templates icon at the bottom of the editor. It is also possible to insert Contact, Team, or Advanced variables using the { } icon in the pop-up window.

3. Use the Preview button to check what your WhatsApp message looks like before sending it:

4. Click Save. After saving the step, you can move it to change the order of steps in your sequence.

NOTE: The system generates a WhatsApp task and moves a contact to the next step in your sequence after you complete or delete the task.

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