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Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS Registration Requirement
Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS Registration Requirement

Learn how to complete the A2P 10DLC registration process in Reply to ensure continued SMS messaging compliance

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Due to recent regulatory and industry updates for bolstering trust in application-to-person (A2P) SMS messaging, Reply users utilizing SMS now need to register for A2P 10DLC to continue texting. This requirement is set by all significant U.S. telecom carriers and isn't limited to just Reply or our messaging partner, Twilio.

Beginning August 31, 2023, all texts to U.S. numbers using standard 10-digit formats must come from a registered A2P campaign. Messages sent without registering after this date will face increasing block rates, culminating in a complete block.

Before starting ensure you:

  • Are a registered business with a Tax ID/EIN.

  • Can publicly verify the authorized representative as an organization employee.

  • Have a consent mechanism for recipients before messaging.


Currently, in Reply, only manual registration is available. Automatic registration will be introduced in upcoming releases, and we'll keep you updated.

We offer assistance with your registration and have the capability to register you manually. Customer success will reach out to you to register your brand and campaign.

It is critically important to gather all the info required to complete the steps in the meantime so materials can be submitted as soon as the options become available.





Twilio will review this in 5-7 weeks.


Create a brand


Initiate a campaign

Note: Each step requires approval by our messaging provider, Twilio. For updates on approval status, please check messages from our Support team.

Information Checklist

You can collect and organize the necessary information in any manner that's easy for you to access and enter, like copy-pasting into a web form. While there's no need for formal documentation, every piece of information is essential. Please refer to the provided examples for guidance.

Business Profile

  • Business Name

  • Physical Address (Street, City, State/Province/Region, Postal Code, Country)

  • Business Type (Sole Proprietorship/Partnership/Corporation /Co-Operative/LLC/Non-Profit)

  • Company Type (Private/Public)

  • Stock Ticker & Exchange (if Public)

  • Business Registration Number and Type

– For A2P 10DLC registration, you must provide your Tax ID / EIN

  • Industry

  • Website

  • Regions of Operations

  • Authorized Representative (Note: Authorized representatives must be publicly verifiable employees of your company)

    • Last name

    • First name

    • Email

    • Title

    • Job position

    • Phone number


  • Company type (Private, Public, US Non-Profit, US Government)

  • Stock Ticker & Exchange (if Public)


1. Campaign Description

  • Describe campaign objectives. (Ensure clarity on customer opt-in.)

  • If where and how the customer provides opt-in is unclear, the campaign will be rejected.


GOOD: This campaign communicates with customers who registered on our website [link to website] to learn more about our new products. Through these messages, we gauge the best times to call them.

POOR: This campaign messages customers to arrange calls regarding our new product range.

2. Sample Messages

Two (2) sample messages are required.

Sample messages should reflect actual messages to be sent under the campaign.

Guidelines for composing sample messages:

  • Do not use placeholder text for your sample messages.

  • Use brackets to indicate templated fields in the sample message.

  • Be consistent in sample message, use case, and campaign description.

  • Provide Opt-out when applicable.

3. Message content

Will messages contain the following information? (YES/NO)

  • Embedded links

  • Phone numbers

4. How do end-users consent to receive messages?

Describe how and when consumers opt-in to the campaign, therefore giving consent to the sender to receive their messages.

The call-to-action must be explicitly clear and inform consumers of the nature of the program.

If multiple opt-in methods can be used for the same, list them all.

Be sure to:

  • Provide a website where opt-in occurs.

  • List all opt-in methods.

  • Ensure any provided website is accessible, with a privacy policy and terms.

If where and how the customer provides opt-in is unclear, the campaign will be rejected.


GOOD: Customers opt-in either online when signing up on our website or in-store by asking for SMS notifications. Online opt-ins happen through By opting in, you grant ACME permission to send promotional texts. Standard message/data rates may apply. Agreeing to receive messages isn't mandatory for purchases. [Link to terms and conditions]

POOR: Customers sign up.

Opt-in Insights

A robust opt-in system might be a website signup for message reception, encompassing:

  • Program description, sender identity.

  • Fee notice, frequency of messages.

  • Support contact, opt-out guide.

  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Service links.

  • A clear checkbox for SMS agreement.

Adhere to CTIA guidelines and consult your legal team when necessary.

More Guidance

For added insights, check out Twilio's A2P Campaign Approval Best Practices.


  • Why is Reply implementing this when another platform isn't?

Wireless carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and others mandate these requirements to combat spam. All messages via the A2P system need registration. This registration necessity applies to all SMS platforms using A2P 10DLC.

  • Can I use another business registration number instead of EIN?

Only EINs are valid for A2P 10DLC.

  • How do I automate opt-out language in Reply texts?

Currently, manual insertion is required. Always include opt-out details.

  • Which words trigger opt-outs?


  • Does opting out in Reply stop all texts?

It blocks texts to a specific number. Manually opt-out prospects to block all messages.

  • My registration was declined. What next?

Contact our Customer Support.

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