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How do I read columns on the People tab?
How do I read columns on the People tab?

Want to know what the columns on the People page mean? Read this quick help article to learn more about the data.

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The Reply interface on the People tab lets you adjust columns in the grid to display the most relevant information about the performance of your sequence.

You can check any number of columns you would like to be displayed. If you have checked all columns and they do not fit the screen, use the horizontal scroll for navigation.


Name - Prospect's name. You cannot uncheck this field.
Email - Prospect's email. You cannot uncheck this field.
Company - Prospect's place of work.
Title - Prospect's position.
Status - Prospect's status in the sequence (more information about statuses).
Delivered - This column displays how many times an email was delivered to the prospect. For example, if you see the performance of the sequence, not on a particular step, this number can be more than 1.
Opens - This column displays the unique number of email opens for each step and the sequence. For example, if the prospect is on the second step and has already opened the email on each step, then Opens is 2.
Views - This column displays how many times the prospect opened your email during the sequence. Each email opening is taken into account.
Replied - This column displays how many times the prospect replied to your email.
Current step - This column displays the step the prospect is on now.
Delivery date - Date of email delivery to the prospect. Each specified step records the delivery date for this specific step.
Inbox - This column displays which Inbox category the prospect's reply got to (about Inbox feature).
Country - Prospect's country.
City - Prospect's city.
Phone - Prospect's phone.
State - Prospect's state.

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