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Sequence Statistics

Learn how to work with the Stats tab of your sequence and filter reflected data

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Each sequence has a dedicated Stats tab that lets you see the overall performance. With some filters, key metrics, and a detailed view, you can narrow down the results.

By default, we show the last 7 days but you can also check All time data. Here is how you can change the filters:

💡 Important: Key metrics are used for prospect metrics. This means multiple emails (steps) only count once.


You can filter the statistics by the Time filter. Some of the default options are Last Week, Last Month, Last Year, and All Time. To use a custom date range, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Stats tab of the sequence;

  2. Click on the Time Filter;

  3. Pick the Custom option:

  4. Select the From date and To date;

  5. Click Apply and done!

Key Metrics

The Key Metrics section has all the stats to help you measure the performance. Here are some details about each of them 👇

  • Total people  - Number of contacts participating in the sequence.

  • Contacted - Number of contacts that have received your emails. 

  • Delivery rate - Number of delivered emails + the ratio between the Total people and Contacted key metrics. 

  • Open rate - Number of opened emails. The open rate is calculated based on the Contacted key metric.

  • Reply rate - Number of replied contacts. Reply rate = Number of replied people / Number of contacted people * 100%.

  • Interested - The Interested key metric interested contacts. This one is based on the Inbox categories.

  • Opt-outs rate - The Opt-outs rate key metric shows how many people unsubscribed from your emails.

  • Not reached - The Not reached shows how many emails have not been delivered. You can hover over the section to see details:

Breakdown for not reached prospects

A few categories are included in the Not Reached section, so let's cover these below:

  • Out of Office - The email was delivered but we received an automatic out-of-office reply. 

  • Bounced - We could not deliver an email because the recipient does not exist or the email address is invalid.

  • Auto reply - The email was delivered but the recipient has set the automatic reply in their email client for all incoming emails.

Detail View

The Detail View section shows you the metrics for each sequence step. There are two views - Brief and Detailed.


The Brief view provides a compact look at the sequence stats based on Steps. You can see the exact template as well as the Delivery rate, Open rate, Reply rate, and Interested metrics.

The toggle is used for variants (A/B testing) and shows the performance of each email option:


The Detailed view shows more columns with metrics including the Opt-out rate and Not reached, for example:

This is it! If you have any questions left, feel free to message our Support team in chats or email them at

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