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Why is my sequence not sending emails?
Why is my sequence not sending emails?

One of the most frequently asked questions is why emails are not sent from a sequence. Find out what you can do about this situation.

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If your emails are not going out, please check the following settings:

  1. The sequence toggle should be enabled and green (if not, hover over the toggle to view the error description). To find out more about sequence toggles, please see this article.

  2. The email address for sending should be properly connected in Settings - Email Account (there is a green dot on it).

  3. Your sending schedule is open and allows sending for the desired time frame.

  4. Outbox displays emails planned for today.

  5. Contacts have an Active status in sequence and their validation status is not Invalid.

  6. You did not exceed any limits (unique monthly contacts, daily sequence limit, daily email account limit).

Sequence sending mechanism:

After the sequence is launched, it can take up to 15 minutes to start sending emails if the settings listed above are all set. 

Sequence processing works in stages:

Stage 1: System checks the user’s email account inbox for replies and Sequence Settings (processing can take up to 20 minutes);
Stage 2: Sending emails (processing can take up to 20 minutes).

The system processes sequences every 10 minutes, with stage 2 (sending emails) proceeding immediately after the initial account check. If the system runs into any errors during stage 1, emails will not be sent until the next processing. If there are no errors, emails will be sent out immediately.

Hint: to force sequence's processing (in case of any changes), turn the sequence off and back on. 

According to Sequence Settings, emails are sent with a 27-second default delay. The system may add up to 30 additional seconds for processing.

The email sending process lasts around 20 minutes. When processing is complete, the platform will stop to check and track replies (to avoid sending follow-ups to those that did reply); this is because the system cannot proceed with both stages simultaneously.

Please note: replies detection and status reflection in Reply can take up to 2 hours after you receive it into your email account inbox.

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