Inbox is an automated mechanism that sorts replies by different categories. It helps you quickly find contacts who are interested in your offer and reply to them manually. You can reply to their email via the Inbox tab, however, further responses to and from the prospect will not be reflected in the thread. This means that you cannot fully substitute your original email inbox with the Inbox tab on Reply.

These are the default categories in your Inbox (you can also add custom categories, but without setting keywords for them):

  • Interested

  • Meeting

  • Not interested

  • Not now

  • Do not contact

  • Forwarded

In addition, you can use the Unread filter above the category list to quickly access unread emails and mark selected threads as read/unread:

Meeting (Beta)

This category is automatically assigned to prospect replies to emails from Reply sequences that include intent to schedule a meeting. The category is assigned by our AI algorithm primarily based on the email text. This allows you to quickly identify all the prospects interested in meeting with you. You can then send them an email with a calendar link to book a meeting (read the section that follows to learn how to automate the flow).

Important: The Meeting category is the only category that can be set at the same time as any other Inbox category, both automatically and manually. This means that a reply can be categorized, for example, as both Interested and Meeting.

How you can automate meeting booking flow using Meeting category

Reply automatically detects in prospect replies an intent to have a meeting with you and categorizes such emails as Meeting. Your next move is to automate the meeting booking flow using this Meeting category so that an email with the booking link is sent back to the interested prospect. They can then select a suitable time slot and book a meeting.

Here's how to automate the flow of getting meetings booked in your calendar in two easy steps:

  1. Create a meeting trigger so that contacts with a reply that has an intent to have a meeting with you are moved to a separate sequence:

    Set up the trigger as follows:

    • When: Inbox category set for reply

    • If: Inbox category equals Meeting

    • Then: Move to sequence (and select a sequence)

    Make sure to save the trigger.

  2. In that sequence, create a template for an automatic or manual email, depending on your needs, that includes a Reply meeting booking link:

    • Add a manual step to be able to double-check if the reply was categorized correctly by our AI algorithm. In this case, you can send the email manually once you make sure no mistake has been made. We recommend using a manual email step if precision is important to you, as the AI algorithm is not perfect and may make mistakes from time to time. So go with the manual email step if you, for example, don't want to risk losing an important client in case their email is incorrectly classified by the AI.

    • Add an automatic email step to have Reply send your emails with meeting booking links right away, without you double-checking for categorization accuracy. Use the automatic email step when scale and volume are important to you, when for example offering a demo of your product to newly acquired clients. Automatic is your choice when you receive lots of emails and don't have time to double-check every single one before sending that meeting booking link.

Other options to use inbox sorting results:

  • Reports tab. You can see the percentage from all replies in sequence as Interested.

  • Zapier. You can filter contacts by Interested using the New Email Replied trigger.

  • Integrations. Update contacts in your CRM using native integrations.

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