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How to set up reply handling with Jason AI
How to set up reply handling with Jason AI

Lear how Jason AI assistant works for reply handling and how to set it up

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Jason AI is a writing assistant that utilizes the advanced natural language processing capabilities of ChatGPT. Its language model has been trained by Reply with the goal of optimizing outreach activities. Presently, Jason AI can generate email texts for the entire sequence; here's a more detailed guide on how to generate sequences with Jason AI.

Besides, Jason AI can help you generate answers to all the replies that you have received from your contacts. In this article, you will learn how to reply handling works and how to set it up.

How Jason AI works for reply handling

Jason AI helps to automate not only outbound but also inbound communications and generate responses to the replies of your leads (replies received by the leads or the target audience of the sequence). Based on the message from your contact (the previous communication, and your own availability), Jason AI will arrange the process of answering all types of emails and even booking a meeting for you.

For this, you need to enable Jason AI reply handling in the settings for a particular sequence. Here is what happens when you enable it:

  1. Once you receive a reply from your contact, the Inbox category will be defined automatically. Based on the category of response, Jason AI will analyze the text and generate an appropriate response.

  2. An AI-generated response will be saved in your Inbox. These responses are labeled with the AI draft category.

  3. Our team of proofreaders will also review AI-generated responses. Proofread drafts are marked with green color, and not proofread with orange color.

  4. When opening the thread, you can check the AI-generated answer for your contact that is tailored specifically to his/her needs. You can also re-generate the response, or add any other details that can be used to modify the response, rewrite it in a different style and tone, or translate it into other languages. Here's a guide on how to write prompts for this. That's it! You can send the response to your contact.

Set up Jason AI for reply handling

Here's a flow of how to set up Jason AI for reply handling:

Here's a detailed instruction on how to set up reply handling with Jason AI:

1. Open Sequences from the top header menu and click on the needed sequence.

2. Navigate to the Settings tab โ†’ expand the Jason AI assistant block.

3. Turn on the toggle 'Handle replies'. Now, Jason AI assistant is connected to your sequence, and it will generate all the responses.


  • For turning on the toggle 'Handle replies', Jason AI must have the link to the scheduling service. If your plan does not include the meeting booking by Reply, you can use a third-party meeting booking link and insert it into the field "Link meeting tool" to unlock the toggle.

4. Use the text box to provide some context about your proposal so that AI can take it into account while generating the responses.

You can add any information that is relevant to your sequence and could help AI give a more contextualized answer. For instance, if it is a sales pitch for your product, you can add its key features. If it is a service, you can state the price of your service. If it is a sequence of recruiting, add the vacancy description, requirements, or salary for a job position, etc.

You can also leave the text box empty. In this case, the text will still be generated based on the reply of your contact and your sequence.

5. Select the type of meeting scheduling service. Here are two options:

  • Use a service that's already connected to Reply. To do this, first configure the meeting service in Reply by navigating to Settings โ†’ Meetings, adding your Google Calendar or Zoom account, and setting your availability. Here's a more detailed guide on how to book a meeting with Reply.

  • Connect different services. (provide a link to a different meeting booking tool).

Whenever a potential lead or someone interested in your offer wants to schedule a meeting with you, Reply will analyze the information and send the invite to your inbox.

6. Select the option of what you want to happen with the text generated by AI. There are two options available for how exactly the response can be sent:

  • Save as a draft. Our team will proofread the AI-generated text and it will be saved in your Inbox and marked with an AI Draft label (this category will be pinned in the upper left panel of your Inbox) so you can check it and then send it by yourself.

  • Send automatically. AI-generated drafts will be proofread and then send out to your leads immediately.

That's it! The reply handling with Jason AI is set up, and now you can check and adjust the generated responses in your Inbox.


  • If the contact replies with two or more emails, the AI assistant will generate one answer for all of them.

  • For different categories that are based on contact replies, AI will generate different responses. For example, if a contact reply is categorized as "Not now", AI will create a corresponding answer.

  • Responses will be generated for all categories except "Do not contact". We respect the fact that people might not want to continue communication, and we encourage our users not to get in touch with people who prefer to be left alone.

  • If the category was not defined, AI will still generate a response (based on the generic prompts).

Please note the behavior of Jason AI in cases when the reply from your contact was categorized as "Meeting intent":

  • Suppose the contact will ask what time is convenient for the user. In that case, Jason AI assistant will analyze your availability based on either a Google calendar connected to Reply or provided meeting booking link and suggest a time slot.

  • If the contact can meet at that time, Jason AI assistant will book a meeting in your calendar and answer positively. If the contact has that slot already reserved, the AI assistant answers negatively and suggests the first next available slot in your calendar.

  • If the contact sends a link to book a meeting by themselves, the AI assistant will compare the two calendars and book a slot that is convenient for both of you.

Check, edit, re-generate, and send replies

Here's a flow of how you can check and send the AI-generated replies:

Here's more detailed instruction on how you can check, edit, re-generate, and send replies:

1. Click on "Inbox" from the top header menu.

The AI draft category will be shown in the left panel. When clicking on it, you will see a filtered view of only threads with responses generated by Jason AI. The label "AI draft" will also be shown in front of the name of the thread in the Inbox so you can easily identify such responses. There are also two colors for this label:

  • Orange color: AI-generated response is created but not proofread by the Reply team. You can review it, add adjustments if needed, and then send it.

  • Green color: This response was generated by AI and reviewed by proofreaders from the Reply team. Review the draft and feel free to send it.

2. Open the needed thread to check the AI-generated draft.

You can also mark if the AI-generated draft was spot-on or if the message isnโ€™t quite right. For this, use thumbs up and thumbs down buttons accordingly. We will record the votes for future AI learning.

3. Edit or re-generate the response if needed. Here is the list of actions that you can take: Click the ๐Ÿ”„ Re-generate button, and you will see another AI-generated response.

4. Click Send.

That's it! AI-generated responses will be sent from your email account with your signature.

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