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Learn how Jason AI assistant work and how it can help you to generate high-quality text for your sequences and responses to your contacts

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Jason AI is a writing assistant powered by the advanced natural language processing capabilities of ChatGPT and a language model trained by Reply specifically for outreach purposes. For now, Jason AI can create the text for emails for the entire sequence and set it up, handle response creation for your contacts, and book meetings for you.

AI assistant personalizes the sales approach for each unique request. It learns your value proposition, identifies potential customers, and provides you with content that will resonate with your audience. Whether you're looking to connect with customers, partners, or anyone else in order to establish a connection, build a relationship, or promote a product or service, Jason AI can help you communicate with clarity and impact.

Jason AI can handle both routine and some of your complicated tasks like a human SDR can do, so you can cut down on time spent creating sequences or responses for your contacts. As a result, you can dedicate even more time to holding meetings with the most interested and engaged leads.

How does Jason AI work?

Jason AI acts similarly to ChatGPT. All you need to do is provide some of the input text called a prompt - instructions for Jason AI - and it will generate emails or responses to your contacts. Here is what you can write down in your prompt:

  • the goal of your outreach,

  • details related to your sequence,

  • your target audience,

  • any other suggestions or requests for text formatting such as in what style and tone of voice the text should be generated.

Jason AI then will analyze your prompt and generate text based on the given data. To get high-quality, logical, and correct texts, it is important to create correct prompts. Here's a detailed guide on how to write better prompts.

As we already mentioned, the distinctive feature of Jason AI is that it uses a neural network trained by Reply on datasets used for sequences and responses to contacts. That is why Jason AI can generate human-like sequences and responses. It can understand the target audience's preferences, pain points, and motivations and tailor outreach messages accordingly.

You can also edit, or regenerate the text. Besides, you can add additional prompts to improve the text at any time.

How to generate text for a magic sequence?

Here's a flow of how to generate text for a sequence with Jason AI:

To use Jason AI to generate text for a sequence, follow these steps:

  1. Select "From magic ✨" as a method to create a sequence.

  2. Complete the first step in the magic-sequence-wizard called 'Write prompt'. Include all the necessary details of your offer. For example, 'I want to hire a back-end developer for the project in the healthcare domain'.

  3. Click Generate email.

  4. Check the AI-generated text. Use the text editor to add adjustments, or use the first line in the text editor to add additional prompts or instructions for Jason AI. Then click the button Write prompt in editor and improve with ChatGPT.

  5. Click Next to approve the generated text. Based on it, Jason AI will shape up all the rest steps in your sequence suggesting what channels it is better to use for your outreach. You can also edit or re-generate the text for any of the email steps.

Here's a detailed guide on how to create a sequence From magic ✨.

How to generate the text for any sequence?

Jason AI can also be used for any type of sequence (not just created from Magic) to generate and improve the text of email steps. For this, open the needed sequence and the email step.

Just click on the Jason AI icon in the text editor and select the desired action:

  • Improve text with GPT. Use the first line in the text editor to add a specific prompt for Jason AI instructing how exactly you want to improve the text. For example, you can ask the AI assistant to add some more details, rewrite the text, or translate it into another language. You can also use this option to generate new text.

  • Generate email from summary. Add any of the details and click this button to generate the full text of an email.

  • Generate email from bullets. You can also add details related to your email in a form of bullets and then click this button to generate text.

How Jason AI generates replies?

Jason AI helps to automate not only outbound but also inbound communications and generate responses to the replies of your leads - replies received by the leads or the target audience of the sequence. Based on the previous communication, and your own availability, Jason AI will arrange the process of answering all types of emails and even booking a meeting for you.

  • Once you receive a reply from your contact, Jason AI will analyze it and generate an appropriate response. Jason AI can handle basic customer injuries, including booking meetings for you.

  • An AI-generated response will be saved in your Inbox and will be labeled with the AI draft category.

  • Our team of proofreaders will review AI-generated responses.

  • By opening the thread with an AI-generated response you can edit or re-generate it if needed and then send it!

How to generate replies for your contacts?

Here's a flow of how to set up Jason AI for reply handling:

1. Open the needed sequence. Navigate to the Settings tab β†’ expand the Jason AI assistant block.

2. Turn on the toggle 'Handle replies'.

3. Use the text box to provide some context that AI can take into account while generating the responses. For example, you can mention here some of the frequently asked answers.

4. Select the type of meeting scheduling service.

  • You can select a service that is already connected to Reply (to set it up, navigate to Settings β†’ Meetings.

  • Or connect different meeting booking tools such as Calendly.

5. Select the option of what you want to happen with the text generated by AI:

  • Save as a draft. Our team will proofread the AI-generated text, it will be saved in your Inbox and marked with an AI Draft label. You can check it and then send it.

  • Send automatically. AI-generated drafts will be proofread by our team and then send out to your leads.

That's it! Check your Inbox and adjust the generated responses if needed. Also, read the full instruction on how to generate replies for your contacts to learn more details.

Check, edit, re-generate, and send replies

Once you set up reply handling and receive some of the replies from your contacts, you can check the AI-generated text of your replies in the Inbox. If needed, you can also edit, improve or re-generate the text.

Here's a flow of how you can check and send the AI-generated replies:

1. Click on "Inbox" from the top header menu. The AI draft category will be shown in the left panel. When clicking on it, you will see a filtered view of threads with responses generated by Jason AI.

The label "AI draft" will also be shown in front of the name of the thread in the Inbox. There are also two colors for this label:

  • Orange color: AI-generated response is created but not proofread by the Reply team.

  • Green color: The response was generated and reviewed by proofreaders.

2. Open the needed thread to check the AI-generated draft. You can also use thumbs up and thumbs down buttons to mark how well AI has generated a reply. We will reinforce the votes for AI learning.

3. Use the text editor to change the text. Or click the πŸ”„ Re-generate button to get another version of the response if needed.

4. Click Send.

That's it! AI-generated responses will be sent from your email account with your signature.

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