How to Refine Text with Jason AI

Learn how to use Jason AI's editing feature to fine-tune the text, correct grammar, and adjust style to better resonate with your audience

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In addition to generating text for your emails through the Magic Sequence and crafting responses for your contacts in the Inbox, Jason AI empowers you to edit and fine-tune your content further using additional prompts and a variety of quick commands.

You can experiment with different prompts to find your authentic style that resonates with your brand's voice or aligns closely with your corporate communication guidelines. Consequently, you can easily optimize AI-generated content according to your case and unique preferences so that you attain more relevant and personalized outcomes.


Improve prompts in the Magic Sequence

While crafting the initial email in the Magic Sequence and typing a prompt with your goal, take advantage of quick commands to elevate the quality of your text.

Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Type text and click the 'Improve prompt' button in the prompting window.

  2. Select the appropriate command for Jason AI to refine your text:

    • Formality level: Select your preferred level of formality from the available options: Professional, Friendly, or Neutral. This setting allows you to set the appropriate tone for your audience, ensuring the communication aligns with your intent.

    • Tone of Voice: Personalize the tone of your text to match specific characteristics such as confidence, persuasiveness, wit, straightforwardness, or empathy. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose a custom option to fine-tune the tone to your precise needs.

    • Translation: Use this option to translate your text into a variety of languages.

    • Length Modification: Adjust the text's length, making it shorter or longer.

  3. After configuring your settings, click the 'Send' button next to your prompt to receive AI-generated text that aligns with your specified preferences.

Edit the text of emails in the Magic Sequence

After receiving AI-generated text, you can also ask Jason to perform any action with it, such as refining the text, adding more details about your project, etc. using additional prompts and ready commands for text formatting.

Follow these steps to edit the text:

  1. Highlight the part of the text that needs modification.

  2. Use the appropriate commands that will appear automatically in the drop-down list.

    Just click on the command and select the desired value.

The available commands are:

  • Ask Jason AI

Using the prompt window, provide any suggestions or feedback for improving the text. Then, click the 'Send' button next to your prompt to receive the improved text.

  • Fix Grammar: Instantly correct grammatical errors in your text and make it more clear.

  • Formality: Select your preferred level of formality - Professional, Friendly, Neutral - to better suit your audience.

  • Tone of Voice: Adjust the tone of your text to suit your message; options include confident, persuasive, witty, straightforward, empathetic, or a custom setting of your choice.

  • Translate: Effortlessly translate your text into various languages.

  • Change Length: Adjust the text to make it shorter or longer, depending on your needs.

Important Note:

If you initiate a new prompt without highlighting any text (by clicking the Jason AI button on the top), the previous text will be replaced by an entirely new text generated based on the new prompt.

Edit the text of responses in the Inbox

You can also modify the AI-generated responses directly in your inbox using Jason AI. The steps are similar to those in the Magic Sequence:

  1. Open your Inbox from the header menu.

  2. Open a thread with an AI-generated response you want to edit.

  3. Select the text fragment that requires enhancement and choose the necessary command for changes.

Regenerate the text

You can easily regenerate text and get new text variations in the Magic Sequence by clicking the Regenerate button.

After regenerating, you can easily navigate through the generated options using the 'previous' and 'next' arrows.

Similarly, you can regenerate text in the Inbox by clicking the Re-generate button.

With Jason AI, enhancing your email content becomes a breeze. Whether you’re tweaking the tone or adjusting the length, these features ensure that your text aligns perfectly with your message and audience’s preferences. Remember to save your progress before initiating new prompts to retain the quality content you’ve crafted.

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