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How to manually change sending email for contact
How to manually change sending email for contact

Learn how to manually change sending email for contact(s) in a sequence

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Sending email is an email address that is used to run a sequence and send emails to reach out to a contact. If you link more than one email address to a sequence, Reply will use round-robin logic to distribute all contacts among the email addresses.

However, there can be cases when the sending email address is inactive or there is a need to assign another email address.

To manually change the sending email, follow these steps:

  1. Open a sequence → navigate to the People tab.

  2. Select the contact(s) → click on the icon Change sending email.

  3. Select the desired email account → click Apply.

  4. Successful change will be confirmed with a pop-up. The column Sending email in the grid will be updated with a new email.

The list of available email accounts shows the actual status of the email account, the number and exact names of connected sequences, and the owner of the email account.

Important notes

  • Only sequence owners can change the sending emails.

  • Contacts that have received emails from previous steps in the sequence will receive new emails from the new sending email account in the same thread.

  • The list of available email accounts is formed based on configurations made in Settings (from the top menu) → Email Accounts, where you can also add a new email account. Then, you need to add this email account to a sequence in the Sequence Settings tab.

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