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How can I send a test email?
How can I send a test email?

How do you make sure your sequence is perfect and ready to go? Just submit a test email and see what your email looks like

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With Reply, you can not only send test emails but also choose which of your email accounts you want to test.

To send a test email:

  1. Click on the sequence to open the Sequence details page.

  2. Open the Steps tab.

  3. Hover over a template on any step and click Edit.

  4. In the Template edit window, expand the drop-down list next to the Save button, or select Send test email in the preview section and click on it.

5. The pop-up window opens: select the sender email account you want to check from the drop-down list, enter an email address to receive the test email or leave it pre-filled. Click Send.

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