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Automatic LinkedIn Sequence Steps: How to Set Up
Automatic LinkedIn Sequence Steps: How to Set Up

Learn how to set up automatic LinkedIn sequence steps and what limitations they have

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Automatic LinkedIn sequence steps allow you to automate your LinkedIn channel outreach. The available automatic LinkedIn sequence steps include:

  • Message - this step allows you to send message to an existing LinkedIn connection;

  • Connect - this step allows you to automatically connect to someone on LinkedIn.

  • InMail - private messages that you can send to anyone on LinkedIn without having to establish a prior connection.

  • View Profile - an automatic view of the contacts' profile.

  • Like Recent Posts - task to leave likes on the posts published by the contacts.

  • Endorse Skills - this step allows you to automatically endorse the skills of contacts.

  • Follow Profile - this step allows you to automatically follow the LinkedIn profiles of targeted contacts.

By automating your outreach on LinkedIn, you can increase your chances of reaching a much larger number of contacts. Whether you're looking to expand your network, generate leads, or promote your brand, using automation can help you achieve your goals with ease.

How to add an automatic LinkedIn step to a sequence

To add an automatic LinkedIn connect or message step to a sequence, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open an existing sequence or create a new one.

  2. Navigate to the Steps tab and click on the + button to add a new step.

3. Switch to the LinkedIn step. From the drop-down list that appears, select Automatic and then a particular type of step.

Please note if you choose the Manual drop-down list, a standard flow to set up manual LinkedIn connections will be suggested for you.

4. Complete the step.

  • If you selected Message, enter your message into the Message text editor that appears. The message cannot exceed 8000 symbols.

  • If you selected Connect, enter a personal message into the Connection request personal message text editor that appears (optional). The message cannot exceed 300 symbols.

For both a message and a personal note that comes with the connection request, you can select and input all the variables and templates you have in your Reply account.

5. Finalize the step and click "Save."

That's it! The automatic LinkedIn step will be created and saved in your sequence. You can also create more LinkedIn automatic steps.

Important notes:

  • If you have several LinkedIn accounts added to your Reply account, then when you create a new sequence, the first LinkedIn account in the list is automatically added to the sequence. To link another account, navigate to Settings > Accounts > LinkedIn accounts.

  • Messages can be sent to contacts with whom you are connected on LinkedIn (1st-degree connection). This means you can send messages if you are already connected to a contact or if a contact already exists in your network.

  • Connect requests can be sent to contacts from the 2nd and 3rd degrees (not yet connected on LinkedIn).

Additionally, to use LinkedIn's automatic steps, make sure that your LinkedIn localization is set to English.

As of now, Reply's automation for LinkedIn accounts is fully supported only for those who use English. If you use other languages, some features of LinkedIn automation may not be available or may not work as expected.

To avoid any potential issues, we recommend setting your LinkedIn localization to English. For this, log in to your LinkedIn account, go to Settings & Privacy, select Site Preferences, and choose English under Site Language.

Additional Description of LinkedIn Automatic Steps in Sequence

LinkedIn's automatic steps can include messages, connection requests, InMails, profile views, and more. Here are descriptions of all the LinkedIn automatic steps that you can create:

  • Message

The message is a direct message to your contact.

Use the text field to type all the desired content. For the message step, you can add links or pictures. Use a ready template to facilitate your message's creation. Click on the Templates icon → select a folder → click on the template of a message.

Important! The message cannot exceed the limit of 8000 symbols.

You can also use variables in your message to personalize your outreach. To do this, click on the { } icon select the variable types: Contact, Team, Advanced → insert desired variables.

Please note. You can see a preview of your message by clicking on the eye icon in the bottom right corner of the pop-up.

  • Connect

This step allows you to automatically connect to someone on LinkedIn.

Connect is a short message linked to a LinkedIn connection request sent to your contact. Just as with messages, you can use templates and variables in the text editor.

Important. The connection message cannot exceed the limit of 300 symbols.

  • View Profile

This is an automatic view of the contacts' profiles.

  • Like Recent Posts

Use this step to leave likes on the posts published by the prospects.

  • InMail

This step allows you to send private messages to anyone on LinkedIn without having to establish a prior connection. Here's a detailed article about the InMail step.

  • Endorse Skills

With this step, you can automatically endorse the skills of your contacts.

It's essential to note that this functionality is available only for contacts you're already connected with on LinkedIn. If not connected, the endorsement step will be bypassed, moving the contact to the subsequent step in the sequence.

When setting up this action, you have the option to select the number of skills you wish to endorse, up to a maximum of three. If a contact has fewer than the selected number of skills, only the ones listed will be endorsed.

  • Follow Profile

This step automates the process of following targeted contacts on LinkedIn, enhancing engagement depth and interactivity.

However, for contacts with whom you haven't previously connected this step will be skipped.

For example, if there were preceding actions, such as the "connect step" and you are already following the contact, the "follow profile" step will be skipped and the contact will be transferred to the next step.

Important notes:

You can configure daily limits for automated LinkedIn actions by navigating to Settings → LinkedIn Accounts → Safety limits. Safety daily limits refer to the maximum number of automated actions of one specific type (step) that can be taken in a single day.

However, please note the default daily follow-action limit is set to 30. If you attempt to set it beyond this, it will not save. If your Automatic LinkedIn steps in sequence reach the maximum set limits, Reply will notify you in the Sequence → Log tab.

All the automated LinkedIn step outcomes, including statuses and successes, will be documented within the contact's profile card under the Activity tab.

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