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Email inbox sync to Reply
Email inbox sync to Reply

Learn what the email inbox sync to Reply is and how it works

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The automatic sync of sent and received emails from email inboxes connected to Reply allows you and your Team to enjoy the full history and view all the conversations between SDRs, Sales, and prospects via email directly in Reply. The full history lets you understand what emails were sent and received from the prospect outside of Reply (directly from Gmail, Outlook inbox, etc.) and provide better visibility for SDR and Sales teams.

What is email inbox sync to Reply?

Previously, we only synced data and replies to emails from sequences and direct emails sent from within Reply. With the email inbox sync to Reply, all emails, even those sent from outside of Reply are synced into contact activity and can be viewed by the Team to provide better overview between the organization and the prospect.

How it works

  1. You send an email to a contact from outside of Reply, for example, directly from your Gmail or Outlook inbox.

  2. The email is synced into your Reply inbox:

    and into the contact Activity:

    You and the Team (provided the Team Edition is on for your Reply account) can view all the contact's email threads, including those that did not originate in Reply in the contact sidebar > Activity log, under the Emails tab:

Important: For you to be able to view the history of contact emails sent from outside of Reply, the contact must have already been sent at least one email from your Reply account.

The data is synced for all contacts in the organization database from the moment they received the first email from Reply. For existing users, 20 days back of emails data is synced from the moment the feature is enabled in their Reply account. The timeframe for direct emails detection after the last email touch from Reply is the same 20 days.

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