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Syncing inbound and outbound emails from Reply to Salesforce
Syncing inbound and outbound emails from Reply to Salesforce

Here's how to synchronize your inbound and outbound emails data between Reply and Salesforce accounts correctly (in just 6 simple steps)

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You can set up the integration between Reply and Salesforce to automatically send emails from your Reply account to your Salesforce account. Use this option when you want to see in-sequence emails directly from your Salesforce interface. Reply can synchronize both outbound emails and inbound emails to Salesforce and display them in the form of tasks for a particular contact or lead.

For more information on how to set up the integration between Reply and Salesforce, see the following article.

Add synchronization steps

To enable synchronization:

  1. Log into your Reply account.

  2. Open the Integrations page, select Salesforce and click Configure.

  3. In the Steps section, click Add sync step.

  4. In the Add sync step dialog box, select Emails (Reply) to Contact Tasks (Salesforce), or Lead Tasks.

    5.  Click Add.
    6. Toggle the Activate slider on. 

After you have set up the integration, all inbound and outbound emails for the contacts (leads) will be displayed in the Salesforce interface.

Note: Reply does not synchronize the out-of-office and auto-reply emails.

Field mappings

Reply uses predefined mappings for this type of synchronization. You cannot change them manually.

  • [Reply] [In/Out] Subject: {email subject}  - Subject in Salesforce 

  • Send\receive date for email in Reply - Due date in Salesforce 

  • Subject: {Email Subject} in Reply - Comments in Salesforce 

  • Date Sent: {Email sent date} UTC in Reply - Comments in Salesforce 

  • Body: {Email body} in Repy - Comments in Salesforce

View synchronized emails in Salesforce

To view the emails that come from your Reply sequences to your Salesforce account:

  1. Log into your Salesforce account.

  2. Open the Leads (Contacts) tab.

  3. Under the Name column of the Recent leads (Recent contacts) section, select a lead/contact you want to see emails and open it.

  4. Scroll down to the Activity History section to see emails related to this lead/contact.

  5. Open any email to view its details.

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